Hakim Bey, Corporate Magick, and Random Thoughts

Wes’ Corporate Magick expose and anti-copyright advocacy reminds me a lot of Hakim Bey and his many works. One of which – Temporary Autonomous Zone – Klint links to.

Speaking of magick, Mindwarp, lets his brief thoughts on Hellboy turn into a nice rant on Gary Lachman’s Turn Off Your Mind – a book which examines many aspects of occult culture and apparently lists Aleister Crowley as merely a “moral lesson.”


  1. For the sake of clarity, the Lachman quotes in my rant are actually from the Fortean Times interview (there’s a link to it somewhere in there). However, in my perception the book is generally pervaded by the same attitude and in it Lachman makes the same basic points.

    Glad you liked the post. It was fun writing it 🙂
    See ya on Friday.

  2. The interview is below for those interested:

    It actually makes me want to read the book, just so I can nitpick.

  3. For the love of the gods, if you’re going to link to my Hakim Bey site, link to my copy of TAZ too! 🙂

  4. Added the link above 🙂

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