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Little People – a tiny street art project


Little People – a tiny street art project.

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The Utility of Hyperglyphic Media

Wes Unruh defines and further explains hyperglyphics:

I use this term to describe a media that is capable of generating tulpas, thoughtforms, egregores, and eventually autonomous mathematical personalities. It was with some amusement I found after completing the rough draft of this article the following translation from Isidore Isou, the artist-poet responsible for the foundation of the Lettrist Movement, using the phrase metagraphic: ‘Metagraphics or post-writing, encompassing all the means of ideographic, lexical and phonetic notation, supplements the means of expression based on sound by adding a specifically plastic dimension, a visual facet which is irreducible and escapes oral labelling…’ It seems we have achieved something of this dream in the icons and notations with which virtual worlds are created and populated. Metagraphics and Hyperglyphics then, are the High Art of the new media.

Full Story: Key 23.

Intuition enhanced by drug

A sedative drug that interferes with memory also has the contrasting effect of enhancing intuition – the ability to use one’s ?gut feelings’ – according to researchers at the Universities of Arizona and Colorado.

Full Story: BPS Research Digest.

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Satan a victim of bad PR, professor says

Professor Kelly argues from Luke iv that Satan is a minister of God in charge of the world.

“He’s a government heavy, whose main job is to test human beings and to accuse them of their misdeeds, but he is cynical and overzealous in performing his duties,” the professor says. “We can think of an unscrupulous and feared official investigator or prosecutor, like J.Edgar Hoover or senator Joseph McCarthy.”

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The Visionary State: An Interview with Erik Davis

Erik Davis talks about his new book, The Visionary State (with Michael Rauner), about the psychogeography of California.

This landscape ranges from pagan forests to ascetic deserts to the shifting shores of a watery void. It includes dizzying heights and terrible lows, and great urban zones of human construction. Even in its city life, California insists that there are more ways than one, with its major urban cultures roughly divided between the San Francisco Bay Area and greater Los Angeles. Indeed, Northern and Southern California are considered by some to be so different as to effectively constitute different states. But that is a mistake. California is not two: it is bipolar.

Full Story: BLDGBLOG.

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Also, Davis’s site Techgnosis has been re-designed.

Data backup company secures disks with aluminum foil

But, since we’re completely paranoid here at Mozy, we not only used 448 bit encryption, but we also go the extra mile and carefully secure our data disks with aluminum foil, which approximates a Faraday cage. This protects them from electromagnetic radiation as well as potential telekinetic security breaches.

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