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Jesus: Tales from the Crypt

Brace yourself. James Cameron, the man who brought you ‘The Titanic’ is back with another blockbuster. This time, the ship he’s sinking is Christianity.

In a new documentary, Producer Cameron and his director, Simcha Jacobovici, make the starting claim that Jesus wasn’t resurrected –the cornerstone of Christian faith– and that his burial cave was discovered near Jerusalem. And, get this, Jesus sired a son with Mary Magdelene.

No, it’s not a re-make of “The Da Vinci Codes’. It’s supposed to be true.

Full Story: Time.

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Comments broken

My spam filter is eating all comments. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on.

The Management

Now classic Grant Morrison interview in Arthur Magazine

grant morrison arthur magazine cover

Arthur Magazine has posted their now classic interview with Grant Morrison on their web site:

And The Filth came out of that, trying to understand that every cherished thought and belief had an equally valid counterpoint. Once I realized I had to think about this stuff and I had to deal with it, I decided to treat it as an Abyss experience, based on the ideas of kabbalistic magic. Because that at least gave me a context to deal with the experience. According to Kabbalah, or to Enochian magic, the Abyss is a kind of Ring-Pass-Not for consciousness, which means that beyond that, the typical self-aware 11-bit consciousness you use to get through the day, doesn’t operate. The kabbalistic idea of the Abyss is manifold. There’s a kind of crack in Being and the crack is the moment of the Breath before the Big Bang. It’s also the crack of dead time where we do nothing when we’d like to do something, the crack between the thought of doing and actually doing. That gulf can become immense and daunting. We might decide to be President and do nothing, leading to a life of reproach and regret. [chuckle] Then you’re in the Abyss. So I felt this confrontation with difficult material coming, and I chose to frame it as a trip into the Abyss, I took the Oath of the Abyss, from the Thelemic version of Kabbalah, the Aleister Crowley version, and…again all this stuff really is to me ways of contextualizing states of consciousness. Crowley also talks about the demon Choronzon who’s the guardian of the Abyss, and Choronzon is a demon who takes any thought and amplifies until it becomes a completely disorienting storm of disconnected gibberish.

Full Story: Arthur Magazine.

Terence McKenna’s Ex-Library

Esalen lost little of their own archives, the vast bulk of their books, photos, audio and videotapes residing elsewhere. Unfortunately, the institute was also using the offices to store the amazing library of Terence McKenna, the visionary psychedelic bard who passed away in 2000. The plan was to eventually install the books at Esalen, a place that Terence loved but which is hardly associated with scholarly pursuit. That plan will never be realized.

TechGnosis: Terence McKenna’s Ex-Library

How UK attempted bizarre X-Files tests on soldiers

The Ministry of Defence funded a secret study to ascertain whether people with psychic powers could help protect the nation, it emerged last night.

The MoD arranged the tests to discover whether volunteers were able to use psychic powers to “remotely view” hidden objects. The studyinvolved blindfolding test subjects and asking them to “see” the contents of sealed brown envelopes containing pictures of random objects and public figures. […]

Surprisingly 28 per cent of those tested managed a close guess at the contents of the envelopes, which included pictures of a knife, Mother Teresa and an “Asian individual”.

But most subjects, who were holed up in a secret location for the study, were hopelessly off the mark in their guesses. One even fell asleep while he tried to focus on the envelope’s content.

Full Story: Scotsman (via Hit and Run).

Chimpanzees ‘hunt using spears’

Chimpanzees in Senegal have been observed making and using wooden spears to hunt other primates, according to a study in the journal Current Biology.

Researchers documented 22 cases of chimps fashioning tools to jab at smaller primates sheltering in cavities of hollow branches or tree trunks.

Full Story: BBC.

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Who’s side will they be on in the Human-Elephant Conflict?

Guns in America

armed america

Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes .

Donno: I own guns for the same reason I own fire extinguishers — while I certainly don’t expect or hope for a worst case scenario, should one present itself, I am prepared to take an active role in ensuring that my family survives…. I grew up with guns in the house that were used regularly to put food on our table. I’ve known gun safety inside and out since I was a child. I’m confident my son will grow up with the same understanding [and] handle them with the same respect and care … whether he chooses to own guns or not.

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American Gun Culture Report is a zine published out of Portland as an alternative to the gun press status quo. Their Myspace page has some sample articles and ordering information. Their article deconstructing the gun press (not featured on the site) is an excellent exploration of what’s wrong with the state of gun advocacy in the States.

(Thanks to zinemeister Trevor Blake for giving me a copy).

Do Libras Live Longer?

Peter Austin wasn’t a bit surprised when he found evidence of what appears to be a strong link between specific astrological signs and life-threatening medical problems. Is it possible that our health is really determined by the zodiac, or the sign under which each of us was born?

Well, no, despite the fact that Austin’s research seems to prove that a Taurus is more likely to suffer a broken neck, a Pisces more likely to have heart failure, and a Virgo more likely to vomit during pregnancy. I’m a Gemini, so I should be drunk right now, because the study, which encompassed the health records of more than 10 million Canadians, shows that a Gemini is very likely to suffer from alcohol dependency.

Full Story: ABC News.

Officials aim to halt hormone thefts sweeping dairy industry

Rural crime officials say vials of rBST are a favorite among thieves who resell the growth hormone for top dollar on the black market. Fewer dairy farmers use it these days due to concerns over its health effects, and thefts had declined in recent years, but the sophistication and overall worth of the December break-in have alarmed authorities over the possibility of a larger hormone-peddling syndicate.

Full Story: AP Wire.

Hubble Spies Dazzling Death of a Sunlike Star

death of a star

Full Story: National Geographic.

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