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Scientists Complete Genetic Map of the Chimpanzee

The BBC reports:

The genetic code of our closest living relative, the chimpanzee, has been sequenced and analysed by an international team of researchers.

The scientists say the information is a milestone in the quest to discover what sets us apart from other animals.

Full Story: BBC: ‘Life code’ of chimps laid bare.

Wyoming Ministry of Reshelving

I just relocated 2 copies each of 1984 and Brave New World at the Hastings here in Laramie, Wyoming.

See Ministry of Reshelving.

Unofficial Paul Laffoley Site

Omega Point by Paul Laffoley

This site contains detailed scans of a few of Paul Laffoley’s paintings, less detailed scans of many other pieces, and some interviews. And a picture of Jason Louv and Richard Metzger in front of a couple of Laffoley pieces at Metzger’s apartment.

Paul Laffoley gallery and interviews

Farewell Hunter S. Thompson

gonzo gothic

(above image by Charles Smith for Fark. full sized image here. Thanks Brenden)

Hunter S. Thompson memorial pics

(via Post Atomic)

Light exceeds the speed of light

A press release from Ecole Polytechnique Fédéralede:

A team of researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédéralede Lausanne (EPFL) has successfully demonstrated, for the first time,that it is possible to control the speed of light – both slowing itdown and speeding it up – in an optical fiber, using off-the-shelfinstrumentation in normal environmental conditions. Their results, tobe published in the August 22 issue of Applied Physics Letters, couldhave implications that range from optical computing to the fiber-optictelecommunications industry.

Full Story: Science Daily: Light exceeds the speed of light

(via Discordian Research Technology)

Mathematical proof that I will never have a girlfriend

Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend

Tristan Miller
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

20 December 1999

Chaos Cards


I’m not sure exactly what these are, but they’ve got some cool artwork.

ABC’s Emotionally Manipulative Fall Lineup

Whenever I tune into the type of reality show where producers save the destitute by giving them an expensive house and bigger tits I find myself wanting to scream out loud at the emotional manipulation. Having known the developmentally delayed as well as many autistic and Asperberger’s children and having grown up with a physically disabled sister, I generally withold a lot of the self-serving pity that characterizes attitudes toward the clinically abnormal. The recent lawsuit by a black family against the family who used them for an “extreme” house makeover represents the cream of shit. The upcoming NBC program Three Wishes could take this phenomenon to new levels.

Where to begin? The website informs the reader that “deserving” individuals will receive these mythic wishes. So far as we can tell “deserving” means having a severely impaired IQ, a crash helmet and a projected lifespan of less than thirty years. Really, tho, this show just seems to represent the logical concordance of both “extreme reality makeovers” (what the fuck do any of those three words mean individually let alone collectively?) and the Wesley Willis branch of outsider art. While the late Mr. Willis clearly held the reins on the freakshow to which he dedicated most of the last two years of his life, Three Wishes seems little more than an excuse for Middle America to gawk at cripples.

I see no problem with the Old Timey Freak Shows of yore. Such groups generally allowed for human anomalies to congregate together with “others of their kind” (which generally had more to do with genuine tolerance than body type) and make some money off of damned fools who would pay to stare at their deformities. That said, shows like Three Wishes seem the inverse of the freak show. Rather than allowing for a collectivity to emerge and empowering those marginalized and outcast because of their bodies, emotionally manipulative “reality” programming serves only to make difference more of a spectacle. And who benefits? Television producers, certainly not the poor saps getting fucked by them.

I suggest reading the below article about the impending lawsuit then watching a reality show remembering how such things become assembled in post-production.

AP Article

Google wants to know where you are

Business 2.0 speculates that Google may be readying a free wifi program. Sounds cool, but: “Google’s interest in Feeva likely stems from the startup’s proprietary technology, which can determine the location of every Wi-Fi user and would allow Google to serve up advertising and maps based on real-time data.”

A number of people, notably Abe, have been concerned with Google’s emerging “big brother” status for quite some time. I’ll be the first to admit that geolocative advertising would be useful to both businesses and consumers… but I also have to admit that yes, things are getting scary.

Could this work like Dodgeball as well? Search for your friends, pull up their location on Google Maps? Now’s the time to check out Headmap if you haven’t… this stuff’s finally happening.


I’m back from the northwest. It was a great trip, much needed. Haven’t gotten much sleep the past few days, though. I drove 16 hours yesterday to get home from Portland, and went back to work today. It might take me a couple days to get the ball rolling again…

Much, much thanks to Fell, Jason, salaTHRUStra, and Lucifer for painting my fence guest editing the blog while I was away. There’s a lot of good stuff posted here that I’m going to have a great time reading over the next few days. One of my favorite things about doing this blog is seeing what guests bring to the table. It’s just so much fun for some reason…

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