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Nepal to probe mystery ‘Buddha’ boy

Reuters reports:

Authorities in Nepal urged religious groups and scientists on Sunday to help solve the mystery of a meditating teenaged boy who some believe is an incarnation of Buddha.

At least 100,000 devotees from Nepal and neighbouring India have flocked in recent weeks to a dense forest in southeastern Nepal to see 15-year-old Ram Bahadur Bamjon, who, his associates say, has been meditating without food or water for six months.

Full story: Dominican Today: Nepal to probe mystery ‘Buddha’ boy.

He’s not the first person to claim to not need food or water.

The Turner Diaries e-book

This book has become sort of an obsession among my local circal of friends (not that they’re nazis, just curious). The rumor was: buy a copy, and you get added to a government watch list. The copies been around for months, but we’ve been seeing a lot more helicopters lately.

I haven’t read it yet, and I may never get around to it. But I have to confess a certain curiousity after reading this from Wikipedia:

At the time of his arrest, Timothy McVeigh, the man convicted for the Oklahoma City bombing, had a copy of The Turner Diaries in his possession. McVeigh’s bombing was similar to the event described in the book where the fictional terrorist group blows up FBI Headquarters.

The Order, an early 1980s white supremacist group involved in murder, robberies and counterfeiting, was named after the group in the book and motivated by the book’s scenarios for a race war. The group murdered Alan Berg, a controversial and outspoken Jewish talk show host, and engaged in other acts of violence in order to hasten the race war described in the book. The Order’s efforts later inspired another group, The New Order, which planned to commit similar crimes in an effort to start a race war that would lead to a violent revolution.

John William King was convicted for dragging James Byrd, an African-American, to his death in Jasper, Texas. As King shackled Byrd’s legs to the back of his truck he was reported to have said, “We’re going to start the Turner Diaries early.”

The suicide mission to bomb the Pentagon at the end of the book is eerily similar in some people’s minds to the suicide bombing of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 by members of Muslim extremist group Al Qaeda. It has been suggested by some that the book only serves as a model of how a local grass-roots movement can overthrow a powerful and tyrannical central government, and that this has led to some groups that do not even agree with the white separatist/supremacist movement using it as a model or blueprint for revolution.

Wikipedia entry on the Turner Diaries.

Turner Diaries e-book.

Burning Man Art Installed at San Francisco’s City Hall

burning man art at city hall

Michael Christian’s “Flock,” one of the best-known Burning Man art pieces of all time, was installed in front of San Francisco’s City Hall on Nov. 17, 2005. It’s the latest in a series of temporary art projects around the city.

ZDnet: Flock in front of city hall

The Art of Yakeiban Shukusha

Yakeiban Shukusha

Yakeiban Shukusha.

(via Cipango)

The Art of Shu Tsumori

shu tsumori

Shu Tsumori

(via Cipango)

fuck this website

fucking gate can cause serious injury or death

This guy prints up stickers that say “fuck” and sticks them to signs.

fuck this web site

Buckminster Fuller: Everything I Know

A 42 hour session with Buckminster Fuller:



HR Giger ordered to remove public art

NZZ reports:

This time, the town is giving the alien its marching orders. Local by-laws set out strict conditions about what is allowed and not allowed on all buildings given the multitude of shops and restaurants all vying for the tourist business.

Gruy√®re’s mayor Christian Bussard says that all the shopkeepers might want to start hanging objects on outside walls, and this would ruin the town’s appearance.

NZZ Online: Illegal alien faces eviction from castle wall

Meditation associated with increased grey matter in the brain

From a Yale University press release:

Meditation is known to alter resting brain patterns, suggesting long lasting brain changes, but a new study by researchers from Yale, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows meditation also is associated with increased cortical thickness.

The structural changes were found in areas of the brain that are important for sensory, cognitive and emotional processing, the researchers report in the November issue of NeuroReport.

Although the study included only 20 participants, all with extensive training in Buddhist Insight meditation, the results are significant, said Jeremy Gray, assistant professor of psychology at Yale and co-author of the study led by Sara Lazar, assistant in psychology at Massachusetts General Hospital.

EurekAlert: Meditation associated with increased grey matter in the brain

MIT: tin foil hats enhance government radio signals

From a new study at MIT:

Among a fringe community of paranoids, aluminum helmets serve as the protective measure of choice against invasive radio signals. We investigate the efficacy of three aluminum helmet designs on a sample group of four individuals. Using a $250,000 network analyser, we find that although on average all helmets attenuate invasive radio frequencies in either directions (either emanating from an outside source, or emanating from the cranium of the subject), certain frequencies are in fact greatly amplified. These amplified frequencies coincide with radio bands reserved for government use according to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Statistical evidence suggests the use of helmets may in fact enhance the government’s invasive abilities. We speculate that the government may in fact have started the helmet craze for this reason.

Or do they just want us to believe they’re not effective in preventing mind control? Is MIT part of the conspiracy?

MIT study on tin foil hats.

(via Post Atomic)

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