MonthMarch 2001

Musical pioneers

Feed Magazine has a cool little piece about experimental music.

Kids killing kids?

Slashdot has an excellent feature up today: Are Kids Turning Your Kids Into Killers? “The truth is, many more kids kill themselves then others, often because of bullying, a subject about which Ashcroft had nothing to say. The question really is whether vicious kids and hostile school environments are turning kids into killers. It’s a question neither politicians nor the media seem to want to ask.”

Game over for Ong’s Hat and the Incunabula papers?

Joseph Matheny, who has been bringing the Incunabula Papers and the legend of Ong’s Hat to cyberspace for years has announced he will author his final chapter of the Incunabula Papers titled Game Over? The final chapter will apply game theory to the Ong’s Hat fiasco and will question whether it is really over.

Pokemon Banned in Saudi Arabia

According to Plastic Saudi Arabia has banned Pokemon. “…the video game and cards have symbols that include ‘the Star of David, which everyone knows is connected to international Zionism and is Israel’s national emblem, as well as being the first symbol of the Freemasons.”

Aspirin: The Wonder Drug

Conspiracy theorists may be familiar with the beliefs that aspirin may help ward off cancer and AIDS. Yahoo! Daily News is reporting that aspirin helped reduce the heart attack death rate over the past 20 years. Good stuff.

Update: Above link is dead, but here’s an American Heart Association article on aspirin and heart disease.

Update 2: Both links are working now.

Oddball comic of the day

Comic Book Resources has a pretty cool column called Oddball Comics. It’s a daily look at the weirdest comics in history. And speaking of weird comics, the online comic Crazy Boss is in its final stretch. Dig it!

Magick made easy!

Ramiel posted this on the Barbelith forum while back: a java program for creating sigils. For some more info on making sigils check out Grant Morrison’s article about sigils and Chaos Matrix’s sigil basics.

Update: The Java based one is gone, but here’s a Flash based one.

And here’s a 3D Java one.

And one done in PHP.

2001 Big Brother Awards

Privacy International’s 3rd Annual Big Brother Awards have been announced. The FBI’s Carnivore, Choice Point, the City of Tampa, and the NSA were the big winners this year.

All our resources are belong to you

Picked up another interesting bit from Plastic yesterday: there’s an “ad-busting” site called All Your Brand Are Belong to US. Their mission is to “pre-emptively hijack strong memes for heightened media existence.”

Update: Looks like this site is gone, but this site was inspired by it.

Update 2: The second site is now gone, but I found both it and the original in and updated the links.

International fertility group to clone humans

According to Yahoo! Daily News an international fertility group is set to try to clone a human in Italy. The team plans “so-called therapeutic cloning to help tackle a range of degenerative diseases.”

Update: The above link is dead, but I think this article refers to the same project.

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