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Real life DHARMA Initiative # 1: SRI (Stanford Research Institute)

dharma initiative

SRI International (previously known as Stanford Research Institute) is the clearest influence on the DHARMA Initiative (though DARPA is closer in name. Incidentally, SRI has been known to work for DARPA). SRI is a non-profit research institute working in a broad range of fields including, according to Wikipedia: “communications and networks, computing, economic development and science and technology policy, education, energy and the environment, engineering systems, pharmaceuticals and health sciences, homeland security and national defense, materials and structures, and robotics.”

changing images of man

Things got weird for SRI during the 60s and 70s, when it was engaged in parapsychology and LSD research. They hired L. Ron Hubbard, tested Uri Geller’s claims, and experimented with remote viewing.

They also compiled a report called The Changing Images of Man, contracted and funded by The Charles F. Kettering Foundation (the real life equivalent of Alvar Hanso?).

Full Story: Hatch 23

Psychic Warfare from 1981-2008

The year I was born, in 1981, the US Government decided magick was real. Well, the “US Government” is of course an abstraction—specifically, Congressional Research Service was commissioned to do a report on psychic phenomena and offered the following conclusion:

“Recent experiments in remote viewing and other studies in parapsychology suggest that there exists an ‘interconnectiveness’ of the human mind with other minds and with matter. This interconnectiveness would appear to be functional in nature and amplified by intent and emotion.”

That sounds like a pretty accurate description of magick to me. Score one for the weirdos, right?

Of course, I don’t expect you to believe that. Ignore any claims that wouldn’t get made outside a college-level physics textbook. There is no need to believe in non-human or “extra-dimensional” intelligence, no need to believe in telekinesis, no need to believe in any of the claims made by the magick community. They are merely designing rituals to alter their perception and experiencing self-generated hallucinations.

The illusion of moving images is a puzzle that humans have cracked to great success, and by flashing sequential photographs at 24 frames per second or more, we get to watch movies—windows back in time. Humans have even learned to “fake” three-dimensional objects with holographic technology.

Full Story: Brainsturbator

The British Occult Secret Service

“It is not really surprising that historically occultism and espionage have often been strange bedfellows. The black art of espionage is about obtaining secret information and witches, psychics and astrologers have always claimed to be able to predict the future and know about things hidden from ordinary people.

Gathering intelligence is carried out under a cloak of secrecy and occultists are adept at keeping their activities concealed from sight. Like secret agents they also use codes, symbols and cryptograms to hide information from outsiders. Occultists and intelligence officers are similar in many ways, as both inhabit a shadowy underworld of secrets, deception and disinformation. It is therefore not unusual that often these two professions have shared the same members.”

(via New Dawn Magazine)

Esoteric Science Roundtable – Occult Warfare

Ikipr Joins host Kory Kortis again to discuss cthulhu magick, psychotronics, technomancy, occult warfare, magickal combat, viral art warfare mechanics, a bit of chaos magick and the creation of servitors too

How UK attempted bizarre X-Files tests on soldiers

The Ministry of Defence funded a secret study to ascertain whether people with psychic powers could help protect the nation, it emerged last night.

The MoD arranged the tests to discover whether volunteers were able to use psychic powers to “remotely view” hidden objects. The studyinvolved blindfolding test subjects and asking them to “see” the contents of sealed brown envelopes containing pictures of random objects and public figures. […]

Surprisingly 28 per cent of those tested managed a close guess at the contents of the envelopes, which included pictures of a knife, Mother Teresa and an “Asian individual”.

But most subjects, who were holed up in a secret location for the study, were hopelessly off the mark in their guesses. One even fell asleep while he tried to focus on the envelope’s content.

Full Story: Scotsman (via Hit and Run).

Corporate demonology

Last night I was out for drinks with Danny Choaflux, Trevor Blake, and Crawford, and we got on the subject of Richard Metzger’s corporate cash grabs.

Metzger’s well known for having bamboozled TCI into funding the site’s creation. Once they saw the actual product, they dropped it and gave him the rights to the site. Then he and Gary Baddeley sold the site to RazorFish, who later gave it back to them after the dot-com bubble burst. Then he was able to get the sci-fi channel to pay for the Disinfo TV show, and keep the rights after they decided not to air it.

I drew the comparison to demonology… Metzger was essentially working with assorted demons and imps and other malevolent actors to manifest his will. I’m not talking so much about the more remote corporate magical tactics people like Chris Arkenberg and Wes Unruh have been working on. Instead, Metzger has worked directly with these forces through their flesh and blood representatives, sleazy businessmen with bad intentions. And so far gotten what he wanted out of them.

Or has he?

(I decided to go through and tag all my corporate magic related posts for easier reference… I found some stuff I’d nearly forgotten about).

Philip K. Nixon and the release of the Downing Street Memo

The New York Times has announced they will publish the Downing Street Memo. Wes wonders on his blog whether his Philip K. Nixon work had any influence on this decision. You can read about Wes’s Drowning Street Memo album here.

Along with Chris Arkenburg, Wes is emerging as a leader in the realm of using magic to assault authority. It was his early research on the subject that lead me to invite him to guest blog at Technoccult, and he ended up posting a long article on the subject here.

Hakim Bey, Corporate Magick, and Random Thoughts

Wes’ Corporate Magick expose and anti-copyright advocacy reminds me a lot of Hakim Bey and his many works. One of which – Temporary Autonomous Zone – Klint links to.

Speaking of magick, Mindwarp, lets his brief thoughts on Hellboy turn into a nice rant on Gary Lachman’s Turn Off Your Mind – a book which examines many aspects of occult culture and apparently lists Aleister Crowley as merely a “moral lesson.”

magical assault on corporations (Version 2.35)

This article began in response to Jason Louv’s call for submissions for the coming book “Generation Hex.” However, the current political climate, and the absurdity of writing an anti-corporate monogram for publication by a corporation, forced me to rethink submitting this work for publication. Instead, this piece needs to be preserved in its degrading, uncopyrighted, all rites reversed form. Eris said so.

Despite their non-corporeality, corporations are able to display a wide range of behaviors in a conceptual framework of legal reality. Disconnected from the material plane, except in the way their influence is manifested, these entities grow, absorb each other, competing, altering their identities, renaming themselves, creating and losing capital, sway political parties, own and oversee property, pay taxes, sue, and be sued. Yet because of the nature of their existence, they cannot be imprisoned, physically coerced, or killed. Immortal legally, corporations as they are currently, are something of an egregore brought into being through the collective vision of the founders, an egregore that manifests through the collective will of the governing body and given qi, given energy through the financial investment of its stockholders. The political activist, when confronted with such an insular system, is forced to either buy enough stock in a corporation to create a voice in its decisions, something most individuals are not equipped financially to do, or to petition the courts and their congressional members to modify the laws regarding that corporation’s actions. The magical activist, however, has an entirely different perpective from which to work. And for a magical activist, those very attributes that make physical protest ineffectual to corporate growth are routes through which sympathetic associations can be formed.

In today’s world, a corporation hides behind its logos, holdings, and subsidiaries. The franchising, outsourcing, and reselling of products further removes the consumer from the corporation, all of these abstractions that proceed from the corporate egregore’s will through media. Thus constructing magical links through a corporate logo becomes highly ineffective if the intent of the ritual is to harm the corporation. The logos are the corporation’s magical tools, each additional logo brought into existence thus feeds the corporation’s overall energy base. What is needed is a magical link not generated from the egregore, but through which the egregore had been created.. it’s true name, a sigil constructed from cut-ups of its articles of incorporation, or an astrological chart based on its moment on incorporation. Fortunately for the magical activist, all of these bits of information are freely available to anyone with a web browser, (the internet being the grand grimoire of our generation.)

Determining that an egregore is both the holy guardian angel/superego and the shadow/id, of a groupmind, I started out on this project with a vague idea that corporations could be manipulated through a demonological perspective, a kind of pseudo-goetia for the stock market. A serious re-evaluation of the ritual presented in that and other grimoires is certainly in order, but the premise is the same. Working with corporate egregores with the intent to subvert and/or otherwise disperse that manifestation is toxic magic, and certain steps are important in such work to protect the worker. Egregores such as these that are purely profit-driven are a kind of energy vampire, existing through the energy put forth both by those that work within the corporation, its investors, and its consumer base. If called into a hostile environment into a spiritual presence, it would not hesitate to drain an attuned magician of all available energy as well, for that is in its nature.

This raises the issue of attunement. Upon approaching this issue, I was confronted by the same problem as using the corporate logo. Both invocation and evocation involve the magician psychicly attuning to the entity to provide a conduit for manifestation, effectively feeding the entity gnosis. While this is important in the psychiatric deconstructionist view of demonic entities being gradiations of shadowy unconscious energies one is calling up and mastering by way of the superego, it does little good when the intention is lessening the influence of an entity.

What is needed then is a convocation, a calling of the entities in question to conference. Convocation allows a magician to interact with spiritual entities without manifesting that entity. But before the calling out can occur, the ritual space for the entity to be confined must be created. It is here that the ‘narrowing of focus’ trully begins. The more baroque temple would probably sport ritual space for the magician and a space for the egregore delineated with chalk or paint, sand or ink. The more ornate, the more baroque, the more prcise, the stronger the psychic focus becomes. As this focus intensifies, the circle itself begins to produce a void, an energy vortex unspecific in its attraction.

A short overview of grimoires and mandalic art reveals some standard forms magical circles can take. There should be at least one circle for the egregore’s sigil to be placed at the point of convocation, and it is this circle which should be done last, should a second circle for the magician also be desired. This circle in summoning a demonic form would traditionally be ringed by three lines of holy and divine names, boundaries between the sigilic space in the center and the exterior or physical world. This is fine fore working within a religious paradigm, but corporations do not necessarily fear the same deities that a traditional demon would fear. Rather, I would suggest ringing such a circle with the names of the markets, NASDAQ, AMEX, or NYSE.. in the US, the SEC is the closest to a governing entity a corporate entity could fear, and an evocation of the SEC in such a ritual might also prove effacious. Franz Bardon’s magical writings suggest alternate routes through which to prepare the magic circle.

How, then, does one design a sigil by which to conjure? Sigils are a matter of taste and preference. Talismantic imagery can be mapped out on enochian tables using the stock symbol abreviations, transliterations of the corporation’s name into Hebrew, or bindrunes of some sort, or through an astrologically derived geometric nest of lines.. “Pseudo-goetic sigils by Phil Legard” was what I consulted in creating sigils for Halliburton(HAL), ConocoPhilips(COP.N), Boeing Aerospace(BA), and General Electric(GE). Upon completion of the boundry and the edges of the magic circle, the inner portion is then designed, culminating in the sigil’s presentation. The introduction of the sigil occurs not at the begining of the ritual, but at its midpoint. Finally, the circle and the sigil is ritually deconstructed, representing a release of the energy the entity has until now kept contained within itself. From this point on, energy must be allowed to slowly drain and defuse from the circle, a process that introduces entropy into the egregore. This ritual ends when there is no trace of the circle or the sigil, and the worker or workers have removed all trace of the corporate egregore’s energy from the ritual environment.

In simpler terms, what is being performed is the charging and creation of energy traps for these egregore forms – energy is fed primarily into the circle in which the sigil is placed. Remember, the sole intent of these rituals is to degrade and undervalue the stock price. Keeping this foremost in mind insures success in the operations. What I’ve discovered in working with devaluation is that the operation should be returned to multiple times – there’s a great deal of inertia. I performed two operations with the HAL sigil, one around Dec 25th or 26th, the second on March 9th, and in both cases the stock did seem to adjust itself after an initial drop. However, there was a drop. And, even more important, the more people work within this paradigm, the more effective these magical assaults will eventually become…

(K) 2004 ‘All Rites Reversed’
if you read this, you must make a copy of it and give it to someone else to read.

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Corporate magick

Zen Werewolf has a post compiling some techniques for hexing corporations (are you working on this for the Disinfo book, Zen?). Personally, I think trying to do some work with bargaining with the egregores might be more effective. They’re powerful.

Note: the original version is now gone, but here’s Wes’s updated version.

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