Electromagnetic wave expert interviewed

Risk analyst Louis Slesin, dubbed “Captain Radiation,” is interviewed in the latest issue of Shift. He gives some advice about using cell phones and laptops, talks about corporate cover-ups of the risks involved in using electromagnetic devices, and closes with an optimistic view of these technologies.
Update: The link above is broken and I can’t find a mirror of that interview anywhere. You can find Slesin’s website here. And here’s a skeptical take on his work.

Caveman living in New York City

The New York Post reports that Ecuadoran immigrant Omar Torrez has been living in a cave in Inwood Hill Park. He’s been hiding so well that “a Parks Department worker leading 20 children on a tour through the caves yesterday never noticed Torrez’s possessions in the 15-foot-deep tunnel.” As facisnating as this is, I question the Post’s coverage of this story. Isn’t this going to lead the Park Department to find and evict Torrez?
Link (via New World Disorder).