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Hakim Bey, Corporate Magick, and Random Thoughts

Wes’ Corporate Magick expose and anti-copyright advocacy reminds me a lot of Hakim Bey and his many works. One of which – Temporary Autonomous Zone – Klint links to.

Speaking of magick, Mindwarp, lets his brief thoughts on Hellboy turn into a nice rant on Gary Lachman’s Turn Off Your Mind – a book which examines many aspects of occult culture and apparently lists Aleister Crowley as merely a “moral lesson.”

The life and death of James Webb

James Webb was a skeptical author of books on the occult but ended up going mad. This Fortean Times article by Gary Lachman details his life, nervous breakdown, death, and afterlife.

Fortean Times: The Damned: the strange death of James Webb

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