Every once in a while, I surf over to SourceryForge and haphazardly look around. One thing that always seemed to bother me was the red link for Pathworkings, which (with the exception of the About page) is the only link on the main page that doesn’t actually have a page attached to it.

Well… today, apparently, I got fed up and started the page myself. I believe that Wes has the right idea about the occult community (at least those of us on the web) creating an open source grimoire of sorts that can become almost an Akashic records for the World Wide Web.

Admittedly, the page is very raw right now as I don’t have any of my occult books in front of me (particularly the two that introduced me to pathworking – both guided and astral). But it’s a start… and I think it’s a start that the rest of us should finish.

I’ll be adding more information to the Pathworkings page probably by Thursday, but I’ll be very agitated if the page isn’t hacked, cracked, and mutated by the time I get to it. So what are you waiting for? Let’ s get the ball rolling.


  1. I finished up most of what I was going to contribute to this page. Most of it is Kabbalistic in nature, so if anyone wants to jump in with a Chaos take on the subject, by all means, go for it.

  2. I’m going to twiddle once I find the references to runic pathworking (& there’s that damn 888 thing that never fully got explored)

  3. After you had mentioned the runes and shamanism, I got to thinking about Grant Morrison mentioning the Dow Jones as a modern grimoire, and wondered what would happen if somebody started pathworking it like they would the Tree of Life.

    Hmm… this might deserve more attention.

  4. yeah, & there’s the 888 project I was involved with – roughly trying to convert new astrological systems onto both the english language, the dewey decimal system, & non-earth-based astrology

    except since that’s carving out conceptual space by defining it you’re more or less carving it out of the abstract & there were other people working on it so I probably shouldn’t mention it now that I mention it… (I need sleep.) (archives the bulk of the 888 discussion)

  5. see
    at one point I was working with a group (chaomega club members) trying to figure out an english gemetria that involved newly discovered planets for non-earth-based astrology, and whose spheres would correspond with the dewey decimal system haven’t tried pathworking through it, but it’d be an interesting trip – although the whole thing basicly arose because I didn’t quite grasp the concept of the qliphoth & attempted to fold malkuth into daath when trying to explain what I thought I was hearing & from there things got messy- for a long time this was the ‘nut of life’ but it’s flawed from my perspective (english needs four more letters for this to really get potent)

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