MonthApril 2002

The Art of Alex Grey

Renowned psychedelic artist Alex Grey, known his cover art on the latest Tool album and Rick Strassman’s DMT: the Spirit Molecule amongst others works, has a website with an excellent gallery.


Mystery of the Yeti

The TIP Records album Mystery of the Yeti 2 has a song by Hallucinogen called “the Herb Garden” in which there is a sample attributed to entheogen researcher Christian Raetsch and transcribed by fUSION Anomaly:

“you have heard of the yeti? the ubanamanamanala snowman? that is of course not an animal or a prehuman being, that is originally one of the shamans gods, the real name is Banjhakri, that means the shaman of the forest… so therefore nobody will ever find the yeti in nature, because you have to go in trance and then you’ll find the Yeti easily…”

“uhm, the Banjhakri uhm, the (…) man or the, the (…) shaman, the forest shaman, he wears a skin of, uhm… d-d-d-deer (jibberish) the symbol of this mushroom!”

“the yeti loves to drink shnaps too, so he’s like a real shaman… he, uhm, uh, if you want to contact him, you have to put some alcoholic offerings in front of the forest.”

“he has one dreadlock, that’s in honour of Shiva… i ask ‘then why don’t you have dreadlocks all over?’ he said ‘because, you know i’m, uh… pupupupu ap tepepep un nenenenn umndibdibdib dsedsedse de ann ktsingngngng to have dreadlocks all over'”

So this got me curious. I did a Google search, but didn’t come up with much promising material. According to this source: “Ban Jhakri is also the Nepali word for the smallest type of yeti, so it appears that yetis do exist, at least in the spirit world” and I found a site selling back issues of a transpersonal psychology journal with an article about “The ‘calling’ the yeti, and the banjhakri ‘forest shaman’ in Nepalese shamanism.” The other pages I could find were in other languages and couldn’t be translated. I also found that the term “Ban Jhakri” is often used to simply mean shaman. Someone on Barbelith says that the Yeti guarded Shangri La- but he’s a tabloid writer so I’m skeptical. I’m just wondering if anyone out there has any information that might clear this up, or suggest some further reading on the yeti/shamanism connection.

Aphex Twin Hiding images in Music

Aphex Twin spectogram

Aphex Twin is designing images into the spectograms of his songs. I wonder if any other artists have employed this clever technique.

Link (updated)

(via Memepool).

Paxil and Sleeping Pills Reviewed by an L.L. Bean Version of Hunter S. Thompson

Two of the most entertaining articles I’ve read online recently are Seth Stevenson’s Paxil and over the counter sleeping pill reviews. Stevenson recklessly indulges in these socially acceptable drugs like an L.L. Bean version of Hunter S. Thompson, the results are sometimes scary but always funny.

Slate: Extroverted Like Me, How a month and a half on Paxil taught me to love being shy.

To Sleep: Perchance To Take Lots of Pills

(via Bonnie)

See also: Trippin’ at the GNC

Masturbation, Tantra, and Self-Love

Here’s a guide to Tantric masturbation. “The most important thing to know about being with a partner is knowing how to be with yourself. The secret of being with a partner is the same as the secret of being with oneself: to raise the energy in your body to the point of orgasm and then, instead of coming, relaxing and letting the energy go up to your heart.” Anyone out there have any experience with these methods?


Note: looks like the link is an excerpt from Margo Woods’ book Masturbation Tantra and Self Love.

Self-styled super-hero convicted of arson

A skeleton mask and body armor clad man calling himself the Phantom Patriot raided the annual Bohemian Grove retreat and set fire to one of its cafeterias. The retreat, a secretive gathering of some of America’s most powerful men, has long been a popular conspiracy theory subject. The man said he suspected the group of being involved in child sacrifice. He was convicted of arson, assult, and brandishing a weopon. Anyone heard of anything else like this happening?

Reuters: ‘Phantom Patriot’ Guilty of Attack

(via New World Disorder).

Cheap Solar Cells Could Replace Bulky, Expensive Paneling

Through the use of nanotechnology “Cheap, plastic solar cells that can be painted onto just about any surface could provide power for a range of portable and even wearable electronic devices,” CNN reports. But they’re not yet ready for deployment.

CNN: Group makes plastic solar energy cells

(via Fark)

The Conspiracy Writings of David McGowan

The Center for an Informed America is the web site of journalist David McGowan and contains several exposes and investigative articles including the truth about Black Hawk Down and several under-reported facts about the Columbine murders.


Paranormal Activity Expert Franklin Ruehl Answers Questions

Mysteries from Beyond the Other Dominion host Franklin Ruehl has a question and answer column on Tabloid Baby. I watched this guy’s show when I was a kid and it made quite an impression on me. I didn’t realize that he was still doing the show, but it’s cool to see that he’s still active.

Chester Carlson, the inventor of the xerox process, devoted long hours to meditation at the behest of his wife in order to develop his psychic abilities and convene with the other side. He thoroughly believed that he received the knowledge necessary to create his breakthrough photocopying method from the spirit realm! After he became wealthy from xeroxing, Carlson donated significant sums for paranormal research to Duke University’s Parapsychology Laboratory and the American Society for Psychical Research (for which he served as a trustee).


Update: That link is dead, but Ruehl is hosting Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion once again as video blog

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