Mystery of the Yeti

The TIP Records album Mystery of the Yeti 2 has a song by Hallucinogen called “the Herb Garden” in which there is a sample attributed to entheogen researcher Christian Raetsch and transcribed by fUSION Anomaly:

“you have heard of the yeti? the ubanamanamanala snowman? that is of course not an animal or a prehuman being, that is originally one of the shamans gods, the real name is Banjhakri, that means the shaman of the forest… so therefore nobody will ever find the yeti in nature, because you have to go in trance and then you’ll find the Yeti easily…”

“uhm, the Banjhakri uhm, the (…) man or the, the (…) shaman, the forest shaman, he wears a skin of, uhm… d-d-d-deer (jibberish) the symbol of this mushroom!”

“the yeti loves to drink shnaps too, so he’s like a real shaman… he, uhm, uh, if you want to contact him, you have to put some alcoholic offerings in front of the forest.”

“he has one dreadlock, that’s in honour of Shiva… i ask ‘then why don’t you have dreadlocks all over?’ he said ‘because, you know i’m, uh… pupupupu ap tepepep un nenenenn umndibdibdib dsedsedse de ann ktsingngngng to have dreadlocks all over'”

So this got me curious. I did a Google search, but didn’t come up with much promising material. According to this source: “Ban Jhakri is also the Nepali word for the smallest type of yeti, so it appears that yetis do exist, at least in the spirit world” and I found a site selling back issues of a transpersonal psychology journal with an article about “The ‘calling’ the yeti, and the banjhakri ‘forest shaman’ in Nepalese shamanism.” The other pages I could find were in other languages and couldn’t be translated. I also found that the term “Ban Jhakri” is often used to simply mean shaman. Someone on Barbelith says that the Yeti guarded Shangri La- but he’s a tabloid writer so I’m skeptical. I’m just wondering if anyone out there has any information that might clear this up, or suggest some further reading on the yeti/shamanism connection.


  1. It might be hard to find because its audio.
    Secondly Christian Raetsch is also spelled:
    Dr. Christian R?tsch
    [BTW google says he: Supports “Shiva In Exile”
    Ambient music with drums from Nepal]

    but hey, an english version of his [et all.] book on nepalese shamanism:

    BTW I’m listening to that song on loop right now, and found your post when googling for more about yeti shamanism. My sources say the song is done by the same person who is shpongle.

  2. Thanks Daniel. Yes, Hallucinogen is Simon Posford, who is half of Shpongle along with Raja Ram.

    Do you have any other sources on Yeti Shamanism?

  3. I just thought that you might be interested to know that the Bible calls certain spirits hairy one’s when looking into the Hebrew language . If a Nepalese shaman saw one of these in the spirit realm would he call it a yeti. The Bible references are Leviticus 17:7, 2 Chronicles 11:15, Isaiah 13:21, and Isaiah 34:14. The Bible also warns us not to make contact with the spirit world Deuteronomy 18:9-14.
    God Bless,
    Pastor Matt

  4. I believe that there is more on the Yeti and the Mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls. And if i dedicated my life in searching for them.. or the answers to them.. and did not find anything; it would not be a wasted life. Even believing that there is something so much more powerful in this realm, which is so physical, so believable is inspiring. Keep tripping. Liam..

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  7. funny…that particular song made me do a google search too, which brought me here 😀

    I will do further investigation into this subject and will post my progress in this topic.

  8. 🙂 well what i think is that we should all: try going to the forest and laying and offering then trip for a while. If it doesnt work then you should just give up. Or go to nepal and do it there! I
    PS:thats an awsome song. Thats is what also brought me here

  9. The audio clip that you are referring to is from a lecture by Christian Raetsch. There is a video of it here ( The clip from the song is found at about 20 mins in.

  10. the herb garden caused me to looks this up as well..:):)
    i would like to meet the yeti too…

  11. so this site is full of others trying to find the yeti too! ugh me and my friends are gonna go into the forest with offerings of shnaps and find him. ill post back how it turns out

  12. Sup guys its the yeti here, i was chillin in the forest sippin on some schnaps listening to the song as well its my jam and all my yeti brethren enjoy it too. But it got me curious as well so i figured id google for other yeti friends… and now im here.

  13. The same thing guys, the song made curious to know more about the yeti. Nothing yet (i) tho!

    super cool seeing so many people on the same search for the ubanamanamanala snowman 🙂
    I just love the track and the idea of the yeti being one of the shamans good!

  14. Haha I got curious too after hearing that song I will listen to the audio that you posted if I can get my hands on it 🙂 Thanks everyone

  15. i too have come here in search of the yeti lol was a novel suprise to see so many others

  16. same here !!!! wow what a record(s) are these yeti albums !!!! the longest hours I ever experienced

  17. Funny, looked up lyrics and wound up here. It seems that this is the incidental meeting place for people seeking something. Hello Shponglers and Yeti lovers.

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