Masturbation, Tantra, and Self-Love

Here’s a guide to Tantric masturbation. “The most important thing to know about being with a partner is knowing how to be with yourself. The secret of being with a partner is the same as the secret of being with oneself: to raise the energy in your body to the point of orgasm and then, instead of coming, relaxing and letting the energy go up to your heart.” Anyone out there have any experience with these methods?


Note: looks like the link is an excerpt from Margo Woods’ book Masturbation Tantra and Self Love.


  1. Does anyone know anything about Margo Woods who wrote the book “Tantra, masturbation,& self-love? Does she have a web site.


  2. yeah i have her book. It’s quite good. less technical the “multiorgasmic man” for example, more meditational and personal. As such, one must accept that it’s a subjective experience, and might not make sense to everyone.

    It changed my relationship to myself and my sexuality.

  3. Hi there,

    I was hoping to track down this book. On amazon it is selling for $110 new or $10 used…usually I would be all about used books, but given the subject matter I would prefer to defer. So does anyone know of a pdf or e-version of the book? It appears to be out of print.

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