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Blog from the 17th Century

Phil Gyford is publishing the journal entries of 17th century London diarist Samuel Pepys in “blog” format, starting January 1st 2003 (the first entry is actually already up). The diaries will be posted in real time, and readers will be able to post annotations. Quite a facinating idea.

Tom Coates article

Pepys’ Diary

Privatization of Space

The moon remained a vacant lot in a bad neighborhood – until last month, when TransOrbital Inc. became the first private company granted government permission to explore, photograph and land there. What’s fueling this moon rush is not just a juicy balance sheet, but a pulp fantasy version of the frontier. Rather than belonging to the Earth, lunar soil would belong to whoever staked a claim and had the best business model.

Alternet: The Men Who Sold the Moon

(via Three River Tech Review)

Good William S. Burroughs Site

I hadn’t seen this Burroughs site before. Here’s an excerpt from Nova Express:

Fastest brains preserved forever – Only form of immortality open to the Insect People of Minraud – An intricate bureaucracy wired to the control brains directs all movement through telepathic misdirection and camouflage -The partisans make recordings ahead in time and leave the recordings to be picked up by control stations while they are free for a few seconds to organize underground activities – Largely the underground is made up of adventurers who intend to outthink and displace the history of Minraud – Purges are constant


(via Dr. Menlo).

Grant Morrison Working on Book with Disinfo Founder

According to today’s Disinfo e-newsletter, Invisibles author Grant Morrison is working on a book with Disinfo founder Richard Metzger.

This should be interesting, since Morrison has talked about Invisibles as a “hypersigil” and Metzger has described Disinfo as a sigil.

I wonder if this is in place of the no-longer spoken of collaboration between Morrison, Douglas Rushkoff, and Genesis P. Orridge.

Update: I’m not sure, but I think this might actually be The Disinfo Book of Lies, which Metzger edited and Morrison contributed to.

New Robort Anton Wilson Material

Robert Anton Wilson’s new book TSOG: The Thing That Ate the Constitution has been released. Also, a documentary about Wilson called Maybe Logic is scheduled to be released this spring.

The film company, Deepleaf Productions, also plans to release a new documentary called Utopia USA featuring Noam Chomsky, Tom Robbins, Robert Anton Wilson, Riane Eisler, RU Sirius, Douglas Rushkoff, John Zerzan, Raymond Smith, Ralph Abraham, David Loye, John Mohawk, Lyn Gerry, John Kekes and Howard Zinn.

Extensive Grant Morrison Interview

Barbelith is running a frickin’ huge interview with Grant Morrison. I haven’t had time to read much of it yet, but it sounds pretty interesting.

Suddenly I thought, ‘What the Hell is Disney?’ Walt Disney’s dead now but Disney persists as a concept and people who were born after the death of Walt Disney grow up and assume positions within Disney. What are they assuming positions within? It’s in this really devotional way too. What makes you grow up to wear a Mickey Mouse head and go round scaring children? Or ‘I’m going to end up on the Board of Directors of Disney?’ Why, why do these things occur? So I was just seeing them as in the way the Demons in the old Grimoires were seen which was kinda aggregates of power to which people could adhere themselves to or join in cultish fashion so I began to think I could talk to them like that and use ceremonial magic methods to talk to corporations and found there were ways of doing it – that’s why I’m wearing a suit – this is my magical garb for this working. That_s why we evoked gmWORD Ltd. They’re very powerful, ravenous weird things -corporations, strange to deal with.

Barbelith: Interview with an Umpire

Tattooing Robot Unveiled at Hi-Tech Trade Fair

A young engineer has created a robot tattoo artist:

Freddy’s computerised brain has a complicated programme for creating the designs that are constantly being improved and redesigned before being etched forever and for free on the bodies of volunteers at the trade fair.

Ananova: Tattooing robot unveiled at hi-tech trade fair

(via Warren Ellis)

Cyberotica: The Erotic Photography of Chad Michael Ward

Chad Ward of Opi8 fame has a new web site called Cyberotica.

Update: site’s gone, but you can still find similar material on Ward’s main site.

(via Warren Ellis)

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