MonthJune 2004

Wind is the Enemy

As Far as the Eye Can See by William Blaze

Speaking of William Blaze, he’s resumed his “Wind is the Enemy” art series.

Abstract Dynamics: Wind is the Enemy

Upcoming events

A couple things I’d love to go to, but can’t:

Phoenix Festival is back again this year! This year they’ve got Jello Biafra, Blackalicious, and Saul Williams, among others. (Southern Washington)

Everything You Know is Wrong seems almost like Disinfo Con 2. It’s to feature workshops by Howard Bloom, Paul Laffoley, Richard Metzger, Grant Morrison, and Douglas Rushkoff. (New York State)


Hyperstition is a new blog by Reza Negarestani, K-Punk, and a bunch of other people (and hosted by William Blaze) that merits a little more introduction. Hyperstitions are, in short, “fictions that make themselves real.”

K-Punk recommends Lemurian Time War and this article as an introduction to Hyperstion:

The situation is closer to the modern phenomenon of hype than to religious belief as we’d ordinarily think about it. Hype actually makes things happen, and uses belief as a positive power. Just because it’s not “real” now, doesn’t mean it won’t be real at some point in the future. And once it’s real, in a sense, it’s always been.”

Sounds very much like Grant Morrison’s idea of the hypersigil, especially when he talks about emergence.

Welcome to the Technoccult blog roll

I’ve added a few new people to the blog roll, please welcome: LVX23, Mindwarp, the Invisible College, Dehiscence, and Vortex Egg. Someone really should host all these blogspot blogs. I’d do it, but I’m so flakey about keeping my hosting and domain name registration paid up…

High tech sex toys

Wired: High-Speed Love Connection

(via: Notes From Somewhere Bizzare)

Teleportation advances

AP reports:

Basically, researchers can use lab techniques to create a weird relationship between pairs of tiny particles. After that, the fate of one particle instantly affects the other; if one particle is made to take on a certain set of properties, the other immediately takes on identical or opposite properties, no matter how far away it is and without any apparent physical connection to the first particle.

AP: Information Teleported Between Atoms

(via Invisible College)

Time machine for sale on eBay


(via Invisible College)

More Goodies from LVX23

I don’t know where he got these pics, so I’m just gonna link directly to him:

Bodyart in Bulgaria

Rasputin’s penis


Set photos from Scanner Darkly

Wes points out that that has pictures up from the set of the Scanner Darkly movie. Doesn’t look bad. Scanner Darkly

Laughter yoga

Anyone can laugh in a group for 15-20 min without depending upon the Sense of Humour, Jokes or comedy. It combines laughter exercises based on Yoga breathing, which turns into real laughter when practiced in a group.

Laughter Yoga

(via LVX23)

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