Power Boots

SRI International and the Defense Department are developing these boots that will convert the electric power of walking into electricity that can be used to charge batteries. This sounds like a great way to use energy more efficiently:

At the heart, or rather sole, of the experimental foot-ware is a heel made of a special elastic polymer. A tiny battery positively charges one side of the flexible material and the other negatively. As the material is compressed and released — such as by the foot pressure generated during walking — the distance between the positive and negative sides change, which in turn creates electricity.

Prayer Passes Double Blind Test (Update: This was Falsified)

According to New Scientist, prayer was found to double fertility in a double blind test. Statistical evidence that magic works?

Prayer can double the success rate of IVF treatments, according to a double blind study published in the respected Journal of Reproductive Medicine.
A team in the US asked groups of people around the world to pray for pregnancy in one half of almost 200 women undergoing the fertility treatment in South Korea. The prayer groups were given only photographs of the women, and the women were unaware of the study.
Despite controls for age, length of infertility, type of infertility and number of prior attempts to become pregnant following IVF, 50 per cent of the women who were prayed for became pregnant, compared with 26 per cent of women in the control group. An independent statistician in the US had randomised the women into the two groups.

Update: This was almost certainly falsified.

Encrypt your brain now, before it's too late

Will high tech brain hacking become the newest info war? Wired News reports this Clockwork Orange-esque mind snooping device. Meanwhile, it seems everyone is talking about The Register‘s coverage of InfoSeek founder Steve Kirch’s mental intrusion scheme to detect “bad” thoughts.
Someone needs to come up with a way to steganograph thoughts.