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Free steampunk comic Freak Angels still running

freak angels

Warren Ellis’s free online post-apocalyptic steampunk comic is still running strong.

Freak Angels

Bionic arm now with spatial and neural interfaces


More Pics: Engadget

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Psychedelic Research

There’s a new psychedelic blog called “Psychedelic Research”. It’s author is Matthew Baggott who is a graduate student in neuroscience at UC Berkeley and a research associate at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute.

His reasons for starting the blog:

“This is a blog to track research and events relating to the scientific study of hallucinogens and consciousness. I hope that documenting my readings here will be interesting or even helpful to others. My writing goals with this blog are relatively modest: I primarily aim to provide abstracts from papers, linking to them whenever possible, with occasional brief comments about what interests me.

Most hallucinogen research still takes place with a pharmacology context. But increasingly, people are using research tools from other domains, such as neuroscience. As a result, I think our understanding of hallucinogens and human consciousness may both be improved. Although science has yet to fully realize this promise, there are many studies that contain gems of insight. Hopefully this blog can help reveal these gems.”

(Psychedelic Research. h/t: Drug Monkey)

The Paranormal Channel is Coming… Prepare to be Scared!

Perhaps it’s a good thing that this is in the UK, otherwise I’d probably be glued to my set most of the time:

“Paranormal purveyors of scariness Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie will launch a new TV phenomenon on Monday 9th June 2008 – The Paranormal Channel. The Channel will first broadcast from 18:00 hours on 9th June and show a petrifying mix of original programming shot on location, exclusive re-runs of British science-fiction author, inventor and futurist Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World, through to sci-fi and horror movies.

The Paranormal Channel is the brainchild of Fielding and Beattie, with a high proportion of the original programming being made by their successful Manchester-based production company, Antix. Executive Producer and face of The Paranormal Channel Yvette Fielding says: “Karl and I have worked towards launching this channel for many years. Our Most Haunted devotees have told us in person and online, that they’ve always wanted a dedicated channel for all things paranormal. From ghosts, UFOs, aliens, mythical monsters to doppelgangers and poltergeists, The Paranormal Channel will cover every possible phenomenon.”

(via IT News)

Who needs sex when you can steal DNA?

Tiny freshwater organisms that have amazed scientists because of their sex-free lifestyle may have survived so well because they steal genes from other creatures, scientists reported on Thursday.

They found genes from bacteria, fungi and even plants incorporated into the DNA of bdelloid rotifers — minuscule animals that appear to have given up sex 40 million years ago.

Full Story: Reuters

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Obama running just because he’s black?

obama running just because he\'s black

Get Your War On

Luxury airship hotel in the shape of a huge white whale

luxury airship hotel in the shape of a huge white whale

Hovering high over a jungle while sipping a cocktail — it sounds like a dream but could soon become reality, if designer Jean-Marie Massaud has his way. His bold vision of a luxury airship hotel in the shape of a huge white whale could usher in a new era of eco-friendly tourism.

French designer Jean-Marie Massaud has a vision, one which looks like a huge white whale with flippers and flukes. The futuristic Moby Dick is actually an airship containing a luxury hotel. Guests of the “Manned Cloud,” as the ambitious project is called, will be able to enjoy the world’s most beautiful sights from up on high — if the project ever gets off the ground.

Full Story: Spiegel

Amazing steampunk pocket watch style mobile computer

pocket watch computer

The Cobalt is a response to the discerning public need for the next convergence device to blend elegance with simplicity and portability. The Cobalt’s round OLED touch screen allows easy access to all its features with a simple flick of the thumb left, right, up or down. The default screen shows time, date, temperature, and updates on voicemail, email and text. Completely customizable on every level, the default screen’s settings can be changed to suit your needs – from minimal analog hands to a full on digital display.

The Cobalt is designed with the style conscious in mind – when Bluetooth technology can be seamlessly integrated with earrings and other accessories for all-day wearability. Along with state-of-the-art voice recognition software, there’s a hidden spot on the back for house keys. All I need is this, a monocle, top hat, and a walking stick.

Text and one more pic: Yanko Design

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Pictures of one of Earth’s last uncontacted tribes

pictures of one of Earth\'s last uncontacted tribes

Skin painted bright red, heads partially shaved, arrows drawn back in the longbows and aimed square at the aircraft buzzing overhead. The gesture is unmistakable: Stay Away.

Behind the two men stands another figure, possibly a woman, her stance also seemingly defiant. Her skin painted dark, nearly black.

The apparent aggression shown by these people is quite understandable. For they are members of one of Earth’s last uncontacted tribes, who live in the Envira region in the thick rainforest along the Brazilian-Peruvian frontier.

Thought never to have had any contact with the outside world, everything about these people is, and hopefully will remain, a mystery.

Full Story: Daily Mail

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Prostitution legalization in New Zealand has neutral or slightly positive effect

The number of sex workers in New Zealand does not appear to have increased since legislation decriminalising prostitution became law, according to a new report.

The Prostitution Law Review Committee was set up to report on the Prostitution Reform Act 2003 three to five years after the act came into force.


Before the act, the illicit status of the industry meant workers were open to coercion and exploitation by managers, pimps and clients. Research indicated there had been “some improvement” in employment conditions “but this is by no means universal”.

Generally, brothels that had treated their workers fairly before the act continued to do so, while those that did not, continued to have unfair management practices, it said.

Full Story:

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