MonthJanuary 2004

Lie detector glasses

Is your spouse cheating on you? Find out soon!

Our products were originally for law enforcement use – we get all our technology from Nemesys-co – but we need more development time [for that application],” said Dave Watson, chief operating officer of parent V LLC ( “So we decided to come out sooner with consumer versions at CES.

EE Times: Lie-detector glasses offer peek at future of security

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The Art of Ray Caesar

The Burden of Her Memories by Ray Caeser

Ray Caesar

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Also from Bev: Lee Bontecou retrospective

My old sTaRe links

Editor’s note: sTaRe was a blog that ran from at least mid-2002 until at least late-2003. I was a guest editor there for about six months in 2003 before the site shut down. I posted a list of all the links I shared there below before the site went away.

Uncle Roy All Around You (site gone, check out the Wikipedia entry)



Landscape as Interface (cancelled Evergreen program)

Yukinori Yanagi

Tribe 13 (old homepage for the Tribe 13 gallery in Seattle)

Kris Kuksi (old homepage of artist Kris Kuksi

Memo to Barbie: You Aren’t The Only Model Ken Knows

Knock it off with the trucker hats already

Reefer gladness: Drug users in the next office and atop the corporate ladder

I Can Believe It’s Not Real Absinthe!

Bleeding Edge of 1983

New kid’s theme park simulates real-life

Geonotes (virtual graffiti)

1,000 Journals

The Dullest Blog in the World

droplift project

We’re Living in Robert Anton Wilson’s World

Meant to post this a while back and forgot:

If there’s a central message to Wilson’s work, the film tells us, it’s the agnostic notion that you can’t be completely certain about anything — and that even when you’re pretty sure an idea is baseless, it might be fun to entertain it for an evening. Somewhere between absolute belief and absolute incredulity, he tells us, the universe contains a maybe. To which anyone who follows the news these days can reply: No doubt.

Full Story: Reason: We’re Living in Robert Anton Wilson’s World

(thanks Sauceruney)

What to do with Winksite

Well, I’ve got this site, and Technoccult, launched as Winksites. But I wanna find some other uses for Wink than syndicating existing sites.

One idea, is to create bits of fiction to be read on mobiles. In “slipstream” are suitable genres. Hmmm… a slipstream literary journal, for cell phones?

(of course, the site wouldn’t be available only to mobile, but would be created with mobiles in mind… It’s easy to use Movable Type to post to the web, RSS, and e-mail. The RSS feed can be used by Wink, and the e-mail can go to a Yahoo! group, which provides its own set of options.)

I would also like to see Wink used for more political stuff… not sure what yet, though. How widely available is WAP in 3rd world countries? Perhaps this would be a suitable environment to begin constructing a set of bookmarks for “digitally divided” countries, as Josh proposed on MW a while back.

Two William S. Burroughs links

Both of these are from Zen Werewolf, a while back.

A Burroughs interview about magic:

Possibly not, to perform a certain function, but I think all novelists particularly are engaged in the creation of Tulpas. That is exactly what they are doing. Ahh…. they are trying to create characters that have an existence apart from the novel, apart from the page. Klee said that quite distinctly, that the “artist who is called” as he put it, is ahh “attempting to create something apart, that has an existence apart from him and apart from the canvas and that can even put the creator in danger”, which is of course the clearest proof of his difference, its separation from him. I read that years ago and put it down and I was interested to find that ahh, 20 or 30 years later, that I had noted that down. It became of course very much more significant to me when I started painting myself. Yes, all artists are engaged in the supreme blasphemy, of creating life, trying to, some very much more successfully than others, but none of them completely successful. It probably would be a disastrous success. I should say that it would depend upon the degree of his engagement. It could be, certainly, the whole area is dangerous.

The Death of Joan Vollmer Burroughs: What Really Happened? (long PDF about William and Joan’s relationship)

the Spam of Tomorrow

Paul Graham on methods of bypassing spam filters

And of course, spams won’t work so well if they have to be rewritten in more neutral language. People who respond to spams are presumably pretty dull-witted, and have to be hit over the head with a lot of capital letters and exclamation points to get them to do anything. Perhaps you can’t get them to act at all unless you tell them they have to ACT NOW! So forcing spammers to use more neutral language may be enough to put most of them out of business. We’ll see in the coming year.

via Adam

Coffee helps prevent diabetes?

Looks like in addition to fighting Alzheimer’s, coffee may help prevent diabetes. On the other hand, it may lead to an increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis.

And by the by, check out this programmable, web controllable coffee maker, via Wired Magazine.

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