MonthNovember 2002

New vaccine prevents herpes in women

“New vaccine prevented genital herpes in more than 70 percent of women who were previously uninfected with either the oral or genital herpes virus, researchers announced Wednesday.”

CNN: New vaccine prevents herpes in women

(via Daze Reader)

A leftist argument for space

Philip Shropshire of Three River Tech Review has written a nice rant about space exploration

I might add that if you were seriously concerned about the Martian ecosphere it would be nice if there were some environmentally sensitive types on the Red Planet. Who would be more responsible about making that choice as to whether to preserve the precious Martian bacterial life: The head of the Sierra Club or those lobbyists who want the EPA to lessen clean air standards? Who do you want making that choice to pave over the rare Martian ruins for the new mall: the head of Wal Mart or the head of Greenpeace? I think the choice is clear.

Three River Tech Review: A Left Argument For Space

Doors of Perception magazine

Bruce Sterling and others are at the Doors of Perception conference in Amsterdam right now. And my garsh, does it look like a cool festival! On what Doors of Perception is:

Doors is a conference, website, and knowledge network. We bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, educators, and designers who want to imagine alternative futures – sustainable ones – and take design steps to realize them.


Mind boggling body painting

Body painting pictures that looks like people in “real” clothing.


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Naked yoga

Headline says it all. Adult content 😉
Link (via Sensual Liberation Army).

Objectum-sexuality and Mac fetishes

There’s an interesting article on Wired about Mac fetishes with splendid links to Mac erotica and links regarding objectum-sexuality – the “fetishistic attraction to inanimate objects.” No mention of J.G. Ballard or David Cronenberg, though.

Humans to mars a priority

If that’s the case, then perhaps we should be gettin’ on up to Mars.

John Young, Associate Director (Technical) for the Johnson Space Center, said human exploration is the key to the future of the human race. Data regarding asteroid impacts and the threat from super volcanoes are worries for humanity, he emphasized.

“We should be running scared in exploring the solar system with human beings. We should be running fast,” Young emphasized.

Full Story: Russian Space Official: Humans to Mars as Priority

(via Post Atomic)

Technological revolution required to save the earth

A group of scientists have published the claim that no amount of environmental regulation will save us now, “Instead it would need dramatic leaps in technology, such as working fusion reactors, solar panels the size of Manhattan floating in space, and a ‘global grid’ of superconducting power transmission lines to distribute electricity without loss around the world.”

Full Story: The Independent: Only technology revolution can save the Earth

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“Additional interesting info that I noticed is that the gun used was a symbolic number, .223 caliber, the Bush’s Skull and Bones lodge number is the opposite, 322… the name of the gun? BushMaster…”

Entheogen radio show

Trip Receptacle was “a series of three 3-hour shows consisting of all-psychedelic, all-entheogen radio.” It includes interviews and talks by Timothy Leary, Terrence McKenna, Sasha Shugin, etc.

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