Interview with Jim Goad

Here’s a fascinating piece on Jim Goad: unrepentant misogynist, editor of ANSWER Me! author of Shit Magnet: One Man’s Miraculous Ability to Absorb the World’s Guilt. He spent time in prison for assault, but now he’s out and telling his side of the story.

Jim Goad may in fact be the bad man his wife, his girlfriend, the State of Oregon and numerous others said he is, but he’s also a man of principle. You may disagree with his ethics, they may even repulse you, but you can’t deny that he’s thought them through, can articulate them with unusual clarity, tries to live by them more faithfully than you live by yours and if you debated him on them he’d probably kick your ass.

New York Press: Jim Goad is a Bad Man
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Flak Magazine Reviews Memes

Flak, one of my favorite online magazines, has an interesting piece on memes with an accessible explanation of the concept.

I was discussing immortality with a friend of mine a long time ago. At the time, I felt that I never wanted kids. My position, as I related it that night, was this: Kids are an attempt at immortality, a genetic permanence that will resonate after your death. Everyone came from someone, and we are all the standard bearers of our ancestors ? our eyes, our smile, our cancer are all echoes of ancient patterns set a long time ago. This is a way to live forever. Children.
If this is an acceptable assertion, then there are other ways of achieving permanence. Memes. Thought ancestors. Someone thought of the wheel. That person lives forever. Someone painted “Starry Night.” He lives forever. Concepts that propagate, live on in others minds, passing down into new generations, mutating into contact lenses, orthodontics and cancer medicine, all echoes of ancient patterns set a long time ago. This is a way to live forever.

How are you going to live forever?
Flak: Memes