Mysteries from Beyond the Other Dominion host Franklin Ruehl has a question and answer column on Tabloid Baby. I watched this guy’s show when I was a kid and it made quite an impression on me. I didn’t realize that he was still doing the show, but it’s cool to see that he’s still active.

Chester Carlson, the inventor of the xerox process, devoted long hours to meditation at the behest of his wife in order to develop his psychic abilities and convene with the other side. He thoroughly believed that he received the knowledge necessary to create his breakthrough photocopying method from the spirit realm! After he became wealthy from xeroxing, Carlson donated significant sums for paranormal research to Duke University’s Parapsychology Laboratory and the American Society for Psychical Research (for which he served as a trustee).


Update: That link is dead, but Ruehl is hosting Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion once again as video blog