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ABC’s Emotionally Manipulative Fall Lineup

Whenever I tune into the type of reality show where producers save the destitute by giving them an expensive house and bigger tits I find myself wanting to scream out loud at the emotional manipulation. Having known the developmentally delayed as well as many autistic and Asperberger’s children and having grown up with a physically disabled sister, I generally withold a lot of the self-serving pity that characterizes attitudes toward the clinically abnormal. The recent lawsuit by a black family against the family who used them for an “extreme” house makeover represents the cream of shit. The upcoming NBC program Three Wishes could take this phenomenon to new levels.

Where to begin? The website informs the reader that “deserving” individuals will receive these mythic wishes. So far as we can tell “deserving” means having a severely impaired IQ, a crash helmet and a projected lifespan of less than thirty years. Really, tho, this show just seems to represent the logical concordance of both “extreme reality makeovers” (what the fuck do any of those three words mean individually let alone collectively?) and the Wesley Willis branch of outsider art. While the late Mr. Willis clearly held the reins on the freakshow to which he dedicated most of the last two years of his life, Three Wishes seems little more than an excuse for Middle America to gawk at cripples.

I see no problem with the Old Timey Freak Shows of yore. Such groups generally allowed for human anomalies to congregate together with “others of their kind” (which generally had more to do with genuine tolerance than body type) and make some money off of damned fools who would pay to stare at their deformities. That said, shows like Three Wishes seem the inverse of the freak show. Rather than allowing for a collectivity to emerge and empowering those marginalized and outcast because of their bodies, emotionally manipulative “reality” programming serves only to make difference more of a spectacle. And who benefits? Television producers, certainly not the poor saps getting fucked by them.

I suggest reading the below article about the impending lawsuit then watching a reality show remembering how such things become assembled in post-production.

AP Article

Very Important Article Re: Minutemen Movement

Everyone ought to find themselves disturbed about the Minutemen. They represent the part of the Republican Party which seems to have blatantly embraced fascist tactics. Anytime the government starts authorizing vigiliantes, start getting really afraid.

Minutemen: Home for Extremists

Better than roadside crosses…

You see them all along the side of the road. White crosses which mark where a drunk driver snuffed out a life. However, what of the bike riders taken out by irresponsible auto drivers? This interesting article discusses the burgeoning art project in Seattle and elsewhere which seeks to draw attention to the threat automobiles pose to those on bikes. It seems like a positive step toward the type of auto-free city I’ve advocated in other articles.

World Changing Article

If you thought “Creative Design” was bullshit…

Sadly, the gentleman in charge of Fixed Earth dot Calm has not kept his domain payments current and you can’t get a look at the marvelous insanity that formed the site a mere two days ago. However, my friend Ben informed me that many of the forces behind “intelligent design” or whatever the fuck have also been taking further steps backward in scientific progress. Specifically, a new assault on “heliocentrism” (more on this later) seems underway. Put simply; the Christers don’t believe that the Earth moves at all, as a number of references to “fixed earth” appear in the Bible.

The part that sent a chill down my spine read something like “the world is one ten trillionth the size science thinks it is!” in large font with lots of exclamation points. What disturbs me about this involves some Howard Bloom-style psychobiology. On the Disinfo DVD Howard discusses a movement back into the darker recesses of the human mind- specifically the limbic functions of “fight or flight”, etc. which result in a return to the Dark Ages. Altho this dark ages would inevitably contain far more atrocities than the previous dark ages. The Westboro Baptist Church and this idea of “fixed earth” forms the template for the Future Dark Age.

However, I keep going back to the phrase above. It seems a strange re-formulation of pre-scientific cosmologies- those of the Sumerians, Egypt, etc. While such cosmologies work for the Illuminated they necessarily limit human psychogeography and in an extreme fashion. Never forget that some exist who seek to limit human psychogeography back at a pre-historic level. As occultists, revolutionaries and scientists, we must never forget the gigantic leap backward offered by such forces.

File Under: Best Thing Ever

Check out this comic book about the liberal-UN dominated future of America where bionic superman Sean Hannity broadcasts clandestinely under the Clinton/Moore regime. He then teams up with G. Gordon Liddy, Olly North and Reagan McGee. I can’t figure out the status of this- satire or commentary? The fact that the guy from EverQuest or whateverthefuck does the art confuses me more. I suppose that forms at least part of the joke. Check it out anyway. I should pre-order my copy…

Liberality for All Homepage

Japan Serves Pickles, Beaver

Japan’s censorship bureau for cinema finally lifted its long-standing ban on “pickles and beavers” (60s industry vernacular for “you-know-what”- teehee!). On the upside: you can now see all the Japanese snatch you like. On the downside: people with a fetish for the blur (see Bizarre‘s recent article “Japanese Sex Explosion”) seem completely fucked.

MSN-Mainichi Daily News Article

Greening the Ghetto

In opposition to the debasing welfare programs of both church and state stands EcoVillage Farm just outside the heart of Richmond, CA’s inner city. For anyone who has never been to Richmond, VA don’t think South Bronx- think Gary, IN, Springfield, MA, “the Bricks”, Compton, &c. Richmond resembles many other forgotten post-industrial towns whose residents have committed the ultimate crime of being poor in America.

Which seems only one reason why EcoVillage farm represents such a revolutionary attack on the status quo. Food no longer comes in plastic wrapped packages which cannot be smelled or handled but out of the soil and the toil of those tilling. “Ownership society” falls in the category of “phrases GWB perverts into right-wing bullshit.” However EcoVillage farm seems to represent an “ownership society” that anyone with a brain could get behind. Far from just another bourgeois “organic” farm stand, EcoVillage not only provides food but relevant skills.

This type of social welfare contains more tangible benefits than I can name. First, it puts food on people’s plates. Secondly, the co-op teaches useful skills which instill a sense of pride. Few things make a person hold their head up higher than the knowledge “I can produce something.”

Terrain Magazine Article: Shabaka’s Seedlings

Fun Footage of Genocidal Destruction

I generally view First World kvetching re: World War II as so much white liberal guilt. To argue that the average “man on the street” didn’t have a stake in making sure the most efficiently reactionary conglomerate met doom with all necessary speed seems like arguing that women in Kabul don’t have a stake in smashing Taliban remnants.

That said: “Thou shalt not drop an atom bomb or even shit one out in the first place.” I find it interesting to view a landscape completely flattened by the technology of total terror. If shown to 10th graders, I find myself wondering how opinions might fall on this. Anyone who can see something like this and still bleat sheep-like 20/20 hindsight defenses of the US Gov’s seems to have stepped outside of this “reality” I keep hearing about.

Sixty years on and humanity still seems completely intent on obliterating itself. Like fish in water, we rarely reflect consciously and fully on the madness of nuclear weaponry. Not content to merely scorch hundreds of thousands of Japanese men and women out of existence, the Sons of Oppenheimer continued churning out their abortions by the truckload. Destroying the entire human race once over became unimpressive in the context of military competition. It became necessary to murder humanity several times over.

Still, you have to wonder about anyone who thinks this a better use of money than say, food, shelter and education for the world’s population. The fact that such ideas lie so far outside of “serious politics” should represent proof enough of political power as inseparable from logic of its own carnage.

Check this site out and see if you don’t shiver with terror. Hiroshima Film Cover-Up Exposed See also: AlterNet Article

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