If you thought “Creative Design” was bullshit…

Sadly, the gentleman in charge of Fixed Earth dot Calm has not kept his domain payments current and you can’t get a look at the marvelous insanity that formed the site a mere two days ago. However, my friend Ben informed me that many of the forces behind “intelligent design” or whatever the fuck have also been taking further steps backward in scientific progress. Specifically, a new assault on “heliocentrism” (more on this later) seems underway. Put simply; the Christers don’t believe that the Earth moves at all, as a number of references to “fixed earth” appear in the Bible.

The part that sent a chill down my spine read something like “the world is one ten trillionth the size science thinks it is!” in large font with lots of exclamation points. What disturbs me about this involves some Howard Bloom-style psychobiology. On the Disinfo DVD Howard discusses a movement back into the darker recesses of the human mind- specifically the limbic functions of “fight or flight”, etc. which result in a return to the Dark Ages. Altho this dark ages would inevitably contain far more atrocities than the previous dark ages. The Westboro Baptist Church and this idea of “fixed earth” forms the template for the Future Dark Age.

However, I keep going back to the phrase above. It seems a strange re-formulation of pre-scientific cosmologies- those of the Sumerians, Egypt, etc. While such cosmologies work for the Illuminated they necessarily limit human psychogeography and in an extreme fashion. Never forget that some exist who seek to limit human psychogeography back at a pre-historic level. As occultists, revolutionaries and scientists, we must never forget the gigantic leap backward offered by such forces.


  1. Yes, in Bloom’s Infinity Factory interview with Metzger, regarding his book, The Lucifer Principle, he predicted what we’re experiencing today with unfortunate accuracy. At the time I thought it would never happen, but here we are.

  2. Newest version of that site I’ve found:


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