I generally view First World kvetching re: World War II as so much white liberal guilt. To argue that the average “man on the street” didn’t have a stake in making sure the most efficiently reactionary conglomerate met doom with all necessary speed seems like arguing that women in Kabul don’t have a stake in smashing Taliban remnants.

That said: “Thou shalt not drop an atom bomb or even shit one out in the first place.” I find it interesting to view a landscape completely flattened by the technology of total terror. If shown to 10th graders, I find myself wondering how opinions might fall on this. Anyone who can see something like this and still bleat sheep-like 20/20 hindsight defenses of the US Gov’s seems to have stepped outside of this “reality” I keep hearing about.

Sixty years on and humanity still seems completely intent on obliterating itself. Like fish in water, we rarely reflect consciously and fully on the madness of nuclear weaponry. Not content to merely scorch hundreds of thousands of Japanese men and women out of existence, the Sons of Oppenheimer continued churning out their abortions by the truckload. Destroying the entire human race once over became unimpressive in the context of military competition. It became necessary to murder humanity several times over.

Still, you have to wonder about anyone who thinks this a better use of money than say, food, shelter and education for the world’s population. The fact that such ideas lie so far outside of “serious politics” should represent proof enough of political power as inseparable from logic of its own carnage.

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