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Here’s an interesting blog on the esoteric symbolism of Star Wars:

“Star Wars is religion. In many ways it could be said that Star Wars is my religion. I grew up in an environment that fostered free thinking and self-determination on metaphysical matters. I was four years old when the film that became “Star Wars Episode I: A New Hope” was released. Not only is seeing “Star Wars” amongst my earliest memories, but the anticipation of seeing Star Wars, because my older brother saw it first, and his reaction led me to believe it was something very special (he was seven). Maybe the greatest thing ever. And when you’re four its easy to have your expectations met and even exceeded.[..]

[..] I am by no means the first individual to delve into the deeper philosophical aspects of Star Wars. Many have done so and many more will, some from a position of irony and some dead serious, some scholarly and academic. Various insights, observations, interpretations and even parodies will be addressed in what takes place here, those I find interesting, pertinent or otherwise noteworthy that is, and I will always credit and link to my sources to the best of my ability. [..]

[..] If you’re not sure what I mean by “esoteric symbolism”, I use it to refer to symbolism that is hidden, secretive or otherwise not readily apparent. These are my observations and insights, and a lot of what I talk about may not be deemed “canonical”. You very well may disagree with me. Sometimes esoteric symbols are purposeful and sometimes they are a matter of happenstance. It’s not always possible to tell the difference, and to my way of thinking the intent is not the primary point of interest in all cases. What will become clear, and I hope to make this case, is that George Lucas utilized many story telling techniques in crafting his epics, including occult symbolism to a degree that does not allow for the accidental.”

(Esoteric Star Wars. h/t: Dedroidify)

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  1. “A New Hope” is Star Wars Episode IV.

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