Oprah, Obama, and the Occult

Oprah, Obama, and the Occult

Above is a trailer for the book and DVD Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid: Oprah, Obama, and the Occult. It just happens to be a rip off of other Christian conspiracy theorists:

Last week, Lighthouse Trails was contacted by two other ministries who brought up issues regarding the use of their material in Steele’s book. Upon reading Steele’s work ourselves, our editors discovered that the 80-page book was filled with verbatim passages copied from other writers material, which was presented as Steele’s own authorship. Because of the sensationalistic overtones of the book (e.g., comparing Oprah to Jim Jones who gave poisoned Kool-aid to over 900 people), and because plagiarism most often ignores the original context and authorial intent of the material copied but is not ethically credited, Lighthouse Trails cannot, in good conscience, promote Steele’s book.

Full Story: From the Lighthouse

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  1. Emperor Snorky

    May 13, 2008 at 2:19 am

    OMFG! That was hilarious!

    I like how the “Department of Peace” is seen as ominous. If we’re not all slitting each others’ throats, something must be wrong!

    Oprah’s been peddling her watered-down New Age gobble-de-gook for decades, and nobody, aside from David Letterman cared, until . . . Barack Obama decided to run for POTUS . . . and Oprah endorsed him.

    The narrator sounded almost indignant and jealous at the prospect of Oprah taking market share away from the poor “pastors.” How many Christians are there again?

  2. Damn! Is there anything else that starts with O that we should be fearing? How about oboes? Oboes are scary! And okra…

  3. cower in fear as middle aged foopa gutted house wives/ without a voice/or soul to boot. back the “new age” ideology

    TERROR !
    SHOCK !

    …and incomprehensible intake ov chocolate

  4. Does this mean Obama is the Antichrist and Oprah is the Scarlet Woman? And what does that make Dr. Phil?

  5. Gott in Himmel!

    Stuff like this makes me despair of the species – it really does.

    Anyway, great blog.

  6. hopefully people otherwise we got another fench revolution in the short future…..seperation of rich and poor at any higher level under obama…working retail blows but atleast you learn…

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