Revealing the Church of the Subgenius “Joke”!

stop bob worship

Well, we all know what’s happened since then [X-Day], don’t we? High schools across America have been riddled with shootings. Literally DOZENS of kids have been shot in class by weirdoes carrying guns. We’ve been told they were satanic or thhat they were outcasts. That they didn’t fit in. All these are typical traits of Subgenius members. The two kids who killed their classmates at Littleton were Subgenius fans. They made references on their websites to it (before it was taken down) and said in their video that they wanted to “kill normals”. That’s an EXACT catch from from the Church of the Subgenius. The Media went on and on about these kids membership with the so called “trench coat mafia”, but didn’t mention ANYTHING about the Subgenius cult. I don’t know that such a mafia exists, but I know for dead certain that the Subgenius cult is real and growing. They have books, weekly radio shows, ads to TV (MTV), and a giant website. The media seemed to ignore all this. They also soft peddled the fact that the two killers were homosexuals (something the Subgenius Church encouranges along with other forms of deviancy, including gender switching, drugs, and rock & roll).

Full Story: Expose Bob.


  1. I’m not trying to defend the church of the subGenius here, I checked it out and didn’t like the vibe much.

    But it is a goof religion like discordianism that nobody is supposed to take seriously, of course, that’s easier said than done this day and age…

    what this site and the media too are ignoring are that many of the kids in the shootings were on circuit 1 drugs
    there’s even a docu about it

    The Drugging of our Children (SSRI drug dangers and Columbine shooting)

    I think these drugs have a much bigger effect than a goof religion some idiots, pardon my french, took seriously

  2. LOL. Clearly kids shooting up high schools are not practicing their slack. Love to see this guy’s emails. \m/

  3. Of the millions of people who take SSRIs, how many turn homicidal? Perhaps a few.

    But of the thousands of children commanded by the Church hierarchy to exterminate so-called “pinks”? 100%!

  4. There isn’t even a freaking hierarchy in the church, and your assumption of 100% is laughable Klintron.

    lol Eris Istable

  5. A little known fact about the Church of the Subgenius is that as one “advances” in the Church, one is given Anton Szandor LaVey’s book, “The Satanic Bible.” And one is told condescendingly that the concept of Bob was something for neophytes to believe; but potential adepts would have to plumb the depths of the Bob’s descent into the underworld.

    Just look at Trevor Blake, known to promote Satanism on this very site! (see here: and here:

    The Church of Subgenius, and Satanism, are threats that must be stopped!

  6. Lol @ Klintron. You, my man, need some serious slack…Trevor? A Satanist?! Gasp!
    I’ve also heard through the grapevine that TiamatsVision is secretly a Satanic shapeshifting reptile form outer space.

    Just what kind of blog are you running here?!

  7. This was just synchronistically posted for you Klintron

    lol! Whenever I see “the truth about…” it’s likely to be BS

    William Schnoebelen! He’s hilarious! I liked him in Secrets of Washington DC though, his beard kept growing and shrinking!
    How a former occultist goes back to dogma is either agenda-based or just plain ignorant though.

    And that other link from LOL

    Shit this site has great posts but I have to agree with Eris Istable, what the hell kind of occult site is this :p

    That doesn’t mean I don’t distrust a lot of occultism, there is a lot of shady stuff going down in this world, but let’s stay grounded shall we.

  8. As Klintron said a few posts back, everything on Technoccult is 100% true. Unless it’s proven false. In which this may or may not be the case. Praise Bob!

  9. Only maybe Tiamatsvision! only maybe… :p

  10. ???

    Bit early for April 1st, folks…

  11. I was victimized by this horrendous joke and I’ll tell you ‘Discordians’, it’s no laughing matter.

    “Bob” is a terrible guise and behind that mask is an evil, evil man.

  12. I have to say that I checked out the whole Subgenius thing, way back when, and at first I believed it to be a joke. Then as time went by found it to be real? I am still not sure what part of this conversation, including the comments, are sarcastic and what parts are serious.. and that is the underlying thing about the whole religion/cult. I can’t tell because so many people talk sarcastically about the religion while the people who totally believe in it talk in the same way which may or may not be sarcasm. I don’t know! I can’t see a way to fix this problem.

  13. I know what you mean G.V. They use double-sarcasm (which ain’t sarcasm at all) to confuse you. A confused and disoriented mind leaves more room for subliminal brainwashing!

    Who knows! I thought I’ve removed myself from the cult but everytime I try to shed light on it’s evils people think I’m joking and want to join themselves.

  14. What kind of reasonable person joins any cult or religion though.

    “I’d never join a society that would have me as its member”

  15. They lured me in with cool music, undeground comics and trendy stickers. At that time I didn’t know about their industrial-minded marketing tactics. I bet they have a name for my demographic and everything. The ‘teenage nerd’ niche-market.

    I bet they have a name for the ‘reasonable person’ niche-market too.

  16. Slack, like golf, has but few rules. The secret of better slack consists in being able to swing yourself, like you would swing your clubs, with accuracy and precision. There is nothing like slack where proper form counts for more and none in which more careful preliminary instruction by an expert is so important. If one can at the very outset obtain the services of a professional or a skilful Subgenii for a few lessons, it will do far more good than ten times as many lessons after we have contracted bad habits which will have to be unlearned.

    Golfing and slack go hand-for-hand, brothers and sisters. Leave tension fighting tactics to the amateurs and the fools, and leave the slack to the professionals. That?s how Arnold Palmer does it, that?s how the Subgenius do it, and it?s worked out pretty well so far.

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