Last Psychectect Album Now Available as Free Download

In honor of X-Day, my most recent Psychetect album, Extremism is now free/”pay what you will.” You can get it at Bandcamp now.

You can still download my first album, Return to the Wasteland from Bandcamp on the same terms.

Thomas Frank Interviews David Graeber

Salon is running a great new interview with David Graeber by Thomas Frank. Here are some highlights (Graeber’s words):

Well, radical elements in the labor movement began embracing such visions from quite early on. After the successful campaigns for the eight-hour day in the 1880s, people immediately started thinking, can we move this to seven, six, or less. Paul Lafargue, Marx’s son-in-law, and author of “The Right to Be Lazy,” was already calling for something along those lines in 1883. I have a Wobbly T-shirt with a turn-of-the-century style design that says “join the IWW for a new dawn,” it has a sun rising over the rooftops, and on the sun is written, “four-day week, four-hour day.” […]

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, one of the great divisions between anarcho-syndicalist unions, and socialist unions, was that the latter were always asking for higher wages, and the anarchists were asking for less hours. That’s why the anarchists were so entangled in struggles for the eight-hour day. It’s as if the socialists were essentially buying into the notion that work is a virtue, and consumerism is good, but it should all be managed democratically, while the anarchists were saying, no, the whole deal—that we work more and more for more and more stuff—is rotten from the get-go. […]

Call it the revolt of the caring classes. Because, after all, the working classes have always been the caring classes really. I say this as a person of working class background myself. Not only are almost all actual caregivers (not to mention caretakers!) working class, but people of such backgrounds always tend to see themselves as the sort of people who actively care about their neighbors and communities, and value such social commitments far beyond material advantage. It’s just our obsession with certain very specific forms of rather macho male labor—factory workers, truck-drivers, that sort of thing—which then becomes the paradigm of all labor in our imaginations; that blinds us to the fact that the bulk of working class people have always been engaged in caring labor of one sort or another. So I think we need to start by redefining labor itself, maybe, start with classic “women’s work,” nurturing children, looking after things, as the paradigm for labor itself and then it will be much harder to be confused about what’s really valuable and what isn’t.

Full Story: Salon: David Graeber explains why the more your job helps others, the less you get paid

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Message to Anonymous from the Church of the SubGenius

(via Chaoflux)

Revealing the Church of the Subgenius “Joke”!

stop bob worship

Well, we all know what’s happened since then [X-Day], don’t we? High schools across America have been riddled with shootings. Literally DOZENS of kids have been shot in class by weirdoes carrying guns. We’ve been told they were satanic or thhat they were outcasts. That they didn’t fit in. All these are typical traits of Subgenius members. The two kids who killed their classmates at Littleton were Subgenius fans. They made references on their websites to it (before it was taken down) and said in their video that they wanted to “kill normals”. That’s an EXACT catch from from the Church of the Subgenius. The Media went on and on about these kids membership with the so called “trench coat mafia”, but didn’t mention ANYTHING about the Subgenius cult. I don’t know that such a mafia exists, but I know for dead certain that the Subgenius cult is real and growing. They have books, weekly radio shows, ads to TV (MTV), and a giant website. The media seemed to ignore all this. They also soft peddled the fact that the two killers were homosexuals (something the Subgenius Church encouranges along with other forms of deviancy, including gender switching, drugs, and rock & roll).

Full Story: Expose Bob.

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