Rev. Ivan Stang Retires as President of the Chuch of the SubGenius

The press release:

Rev. Ivan Stang announced today his retirement from the SubGenius Foundation, citing his ill demeanor and declining patience with internal conflict among the members of the SubGenius Church, appointing long-time collaborator Dr.K’taden Legume to the position of President and CEO of the Foundation.

Rev. Stang will continue to produce his nationally syndicated radio program, “The Hour of Slack”, and attend personal speaking engagements. Rev.Stang later commented, “I’m sick to death of dealing with idiots when my time can be better spent attempting to capture the vicious Jaggi”.

Dr.Legume immediately appointed Priestess Pisces as his VP, and stated that his first order of business is to examine the membership rolls and “weed out the dead weight and the malcontents”.

Legume announced that there will be a huge addendum to the church’s list of banned members prohibited from attending the SubGenius Foundation’s annual X-Day event, to be released to the public on June 30.

“This is the beginning of a new era for the SubGenius Church”, Legume stated earlier today, “My vision for the SubGenius Church is a radical departure from the tolerant policies of the past. While I expect it to be rough at the beginning as the flock gets used to the idea of a more controlled environment and more selective and stringent requirements for membership and participation in the SubGenius community, they will realize, that, as always, my way is the best way…the ONLY way. I expect this will be a new golden age for the SubGenius Church.”

Dr.Legume will be receiving a six figure salary commensurate with his duties and experience.

From: The Office Pulpit of Rev. Ivan Stang

Here’s a sermon from Dr.K’taden Legume at the Baltimore SubGenius Devival 2007

Cyclone of Slack pictures and video

ivan stang at the cyclone of slack in portland, or

power circus

The Cyclone of Slack has posted links to some media from the event. If you have more they’d love to know about it.

Cyclone of Slack: we want your pictures (videos, audios, whatever)

Case against SubGenius mom dismissed

Good news!

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!! I don’t have the official documents yet, but my lawyer informs me that the Appellate Division has dismissed the case against me! This means the jurisdiction of my case will move from Orleans County, NY to here in Georgia …where I live, so I can never again be forced to leave my home & rent an apartment in New York to fight the case!

It also upholds the current joint custody agreement that lets my son reside with me [as long as no SubGenius materials are in my house]! I’ll be sure to post scans of the papers when I get them, and of course there’s probably some kind of legal loopholes that might come up, but this is GREAT news! Thank you so much everyone, I could never have gotten here without you!!

I do still owe about $50,000+ in legal bills, and the payments are getting really tough to make with my husband laid off, so if anyone has a bit to spare, I promise to send massive Slack waves of thanks for your donation!

The High Weirdness Project

Trevor Blake writes:

It might seem a waste of Rev. Magdalen’s money and the tax-funded court system to spend so much only to have things return to the way they were in the first place, with Rev. Magdalen having custody of her son. But one concrete change did occur in all this. Rev. Magdalen is forbidden from having SubGenius material in her home. SubGenius material such as books I helped write. If you have my writing in your home, if you have SubGenius material in your home, if you have children, this case should matter to you. You may be next to spend $140,000 for the privilege of being left alone, minus some of your stuff.

To donate directly to Rev. Magdelen, use paypal to send any amount to magdalen@subgenius.com. To send funds to her lawyer write or call Christopher S. Mattingly 42 Delaware Ave Ste 120, Buffalo, NY 4202-3924 USA (telephone: +1-716-849-1333 ext 351).

It’s amazing and disgusting that she is still being denied the right have SubGenius materials in her home. How can this possibly be legal?

“Fraud of the Century” Church Coming to Portland


The Church of the SubGenius will present a public “Devival” at Portland’s Ash Street Saloon on October 10, 2009. SubGenius is a meta-parody religion that promotes the all-important concept of slack while satirizing religion, conspiracy theories, UFOs, and popular culture. The church’s founder, J.R. “Bob” Dobbs, was named by Time magazine as the “Fraud of the Century” in its January 1, 2000 issue.

Headlining the show will be Rev. Ivan Stang, High Epopt of the church. As a stand-up preacher, Stang is a regular at various large annual festivals such as Burning Man, Starwood, X-Day, Winterstar, and DragonCon. He is a veteran of over 150 nightclub appearances, some of which have drawn upwards of 750 people. Since 1985, Stang has produced “The Hour of Slack” weekly radio show, which is syndicated on 25 stations nationwide.

Along with Rev. Stang, the show will feature other SubGenius legends such as Dr. Philo Drummond, Dr. Howland Owl, and Rev. Dr. Onan Canobite. They will be joined by local SubGenius performers and several local bands.

The Church has over 40,000 ordained ministers, including David Byrne, Robert Crumb, Bruce Campbell, Jonathan Demme, and the late Dr. Timothy Leary. There are five SubGenius books in print, having collectively sold over 100,000 copies. The first, The Book of the SubGenius, is in its 20th printing.

The show will be at the Ash Street Saloon, 225 SW Ash Street, on Saturday, October 10, 2009. Doors open at 8 p.m., and the show begins promptly at 9 p.m.

Featuring Portland musicians:
?Cult of Zir – http://cultofzir.com/
?Nequaquam Vacuum – http://www.myspace.com/nequaquamvacuum
?Power Circus – http://www.myspace.com/powercircusmusic

Announcing PDX Devival

cyclon of slack

After EsoZone, enjoy the Cyclone of Slack!



With the Musical Stylings of:



an utter lack of NENSLO!

More Info

SubGenius mom still needs money for legal fees

Lesson: if you ever really want to fuck with someone (especially a parent), question the morality of their religion in court. You could cause this to happen to them:

But to lose my firstborn and only son, that was not fair. To be burdened with more debt than I could pay with ten years of my salary, that is not fair. To have been forced to leave my home and husband, and live alone in another state in order to attend endless court proceedings for nearly two years, that was not fair.

Now, thankfully, our family is finally back together, but the financial burden that remains is devastating, especially as the proceedings grind through their final appeals. No matter how hard we work, we just barely make it each month.

Read up on the history of the case, and donate

Magdalen’s latest letter

SubGenius custody case update

Latest update from Rachel Bevilacqua (Rev. Magdalen):

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all your help so far in fighting to get back and
keep my family together. It’s a little over a year since we finally
moved back into our house in Georgia, our whole family back together.
It’s so wonderful to be together again I can’t describe how good it
feels, and how thankful we are to have been able to have two holidays
together so far without being split up again, even though the court
case started back up in September.

Since the first notification of the court case, we’ve come a long way.
I retained Mr. Brian Goewey to represent me, and got permission from
the court to testify by telephone. At the last court appearance,
Judge Punch, who had returned to the case, raised the issue of
inconvenient forum himself, and told the two lawyers to submit papers
about that issue, and he would decide it all in writing. So for the
first time in a while we had no pending court cases, just waiting for
the judge to decide!

After several weeks, Judge Punch dismissed the case! I was so excited
I didn’t know what to do, but then my lawyer informed me that it’s
possible to appeal even the dismissal of a case. Jeff has until
January 15 to submit an appeal, so I am counting down the days to find
out whether the case is finally dismissed beyond all recall from the
County of Orleans.

I haven’t spoken to Jeff since the decision, so I don’t know what he
will do, but I have to assume he’s going to try his hardest to appeal,
so each day that goes by without a phone call saying there’s an appeal
is a good day. I will write again after the deadline passes and let
you know whether we won!

Meanwhile, Mr. Mattingly, the original lawyer who won us the right to
go home in the summer of 2007, but who can’t represent me anymore
because I owe him so much, needs to be paid something before the end
of the year, or he will get in trouble with his partners. I still owe
him $24,000, but he never bothers me about it, and he took off a lot
of other charges to get it down that low.

Of course, I have no hopes of raising so much money, but I hope that
if everyone who reads this either sends in a little bit, just $10 or
so, or else forwards this email to someone who might be willing and
able to help, we can make it a good year for Mr. Mattingly after all,
so in the future when some other poor artist needs help, he’ll once
again step up to fight for civil rights, without worrying about a
financial penalty.

We already raised $500 for Mr. Mattingly from the Jocko Dome-o
fundraiser in Cleveland, which is so awesome! So many amazing artists
and good friends came together and made some really cool art. You can
read all about it here:


I know the last time I wrote I used a link that wasn’t working for
everyone, so I’ve included this link that is pretty old but seems to
still work (sorry, you have to scroll down almost to the end):


Or if you want to just mail Mr. Mattingly a check, or use a card over
the phone, his info is:

Christopher S. Mattingly
42 Delaware Ave
Ste 120
Buffalo, NY 14202-3924
(716) 849-1333 ext 351

Together, we’ve already come so far. I could never have made it to
where I am today without all of you who have helped me so much
already. Thank you once again for all your help and support, and I
will write again as soon as I find out the final outcome of this long,
long, long case.

Thank you!!

Rachel Bevilacqua (Rev. Magdalen)

(Thanks Trevor!)

SubGenius Custody Case Maybe Almost Over, One Final Push

Before jurisdiction could be changed, however, someone had to file in the old jurisdiction and then someone would have to put up a jurisdictional challenge at that time. You can’t just switch it automatically, I tried. Predictably, I didn’t have to wait long for my ex to file a new petition in Orleans County. Just six months from the final filing of the order, on August 19, 2008 I received a summons to appear on September 5, back in Orleans County to answer yet another handwritten petition from my ex, alleging violations of the order. Since February, Judge Punch has retired for health reasons, and the case is now going before Judge Michael Griffiths, who has no knowledge of the long and painful history of the case and may or may not agree with Punch’s decision to let it go to Georgia.

Although this new petition didn’t explicitly mention the SubGenius, neither did the original petition in December 2005. Anything can happen in Orleans County, so I was very frightened at opening this up again after only six months of respite. I passed the summons on to Mr. Mattingly, the “weapons grade lawyer” who got us this far, but he replied that he couldn’t represent me anymore, since, although I make payments to him when I can, I still owe him $32,000 from the case that ended in February.

Full Story: OVO

Donate here

Message to Anonymous from the Church of the SubGenius

(via Chaoflux)

Revealing the Church of the Subgenius “Joke”!

stop bob worship

Well, we all know what’s happened since then [X-Day], don’t we? High schools across America have been riddled with shootings. Literally DOZENS of kids have been shot in class by weirdoes carrying guns. We’ve been told they were satanic or thhat they were outcasts. That they didn’t fit in. All these are typical traits of Subgenius members. The two kids who killed their classmates at Littleton were Subgenius fans. They made references on their websites to it (before it was taken down) and said in their video that they wanted to “kill normals”. That’s an EXACT catch from from the Church of the Subgenius. The Media went on and on about these kids membership with the so called “trench coat mafia”, but didn’t mention ANYTHING about the Subgenius cult. I don’t know that such a mafia exists, but I know for dead certain that the Subgenius cult is real and growing. They have books, weekly radio shows, ads to TV (MTV), and a giant website. The media seemed to ignore all this. They also soft peddled the fact that the two killers were homosexuals (something the Subgenius Church encouranges along with other forms of deviancy, including gender switching, drugs, and rock & roll).

Full Story: Expose Bob.

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