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  1. Love this guy’s idea of “poetic terrorism”. I have a friend who had a life size doll of Sponge Bob. He strapped the doll into the passenger seat of his van and drove around for a month with this thing. The most common reaction he got was “Mommy, mommy…LOOK!”

    He also had a hat made of plaster or clay with triangular spikes all over it painted in gold. He drove me home from a party wearing this thing, and I couldn’t believe the reactions from people. Many looked and pretended not to “notice” the hat, and others looked annoyed or pissed off (wtf !) Some glanced but didn’t really “look” at all.

    We had a good laugh, but it made me sad to think that many people’s attitudes towards our government and current state of affairs is similar to what we experienced driving home. Many look away, pretend they aren’t “seeing” what’s really there, or get annoyed and just look away….

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