Esoteric Science Roundtable – Occult Warfare

Ikipr Joins host Kory Kortis again to discuss cthulhu magick, psychotronics, technomancy, occult warfare, magickal combat, viral art warfare mechanics, a bit of chaos magick and the creation of servitors too


  1. Hey Klintron, what’s with the sound on this thing? Can’t hear a word until further on in the video.

  2. awesome site.awesome.

  3. Tiamat – The digital daemons did not wish you to hear the information spoken

  4. Well those daemons didn’t want me hearing the introduction at any rate, Maybe they thought I didn’t need one. Thanks for the explanation. I thought it was those blasted cyber gremlins again. Caught this one the other day:

  5. nice, but he’s a lil’ fruity 😉

  6. Fruity Gremlins? Sounds like a cereal…/\m/\

  7. great show!

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