The future of media

I was trying to articulate some thoughts on these very concepts earlier this year. However, I didn’t do nearly as poignant job as the Casaleggio Associati. What I find interesting is how this renders our interest in the occult. If everyone is going to have access to the things we sometimes struggle to grasp in our studies these days. Perhaps we should just work diligently to make sure the road is paved for the revolution as predicted by this video (and the likes of others, just check out Ray Kurzweil or any number of Boing Boing posts).


  1. “‘If’ is something that didn’t happen.”

  2. I agree with your perspective– lately I have been thinking that the present and future of communication developments are highly isomorphic to the larger realities described by many of the channeled books (Seth, Abraham, Orin, etc.) Perhaps they describe the same thing, one with a technological metaphor, one with a spriritual/dimensional one.

  3. Interesting but the dates are all wrong. I’d suggest adding at least 100 years to them all.

    I’m pretty sure that radios and televisions will still be around in 2012, for example. Not sure about 2112.

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