Burning Man and “the fight to avoid buying, selling, or processing in a wealthy modernity”

But Burning Man is rife with the products of corporations, and always has been. And has always had to be. The prepared food items and bottled water we live on out there; the portajohns our wastes go in after eating that food and drinking that water; the tents we sleep in, the pipe and metal domes we lounge under, the clothes we wear, either exotic or normal-all sold to us not for fellow-feeling but by monied interests, usually corporate, who just want our cash. For Burning Man to be truly free of the products of corporate commerce, it would be a zone we could survive in for at most a few hours, and grimly at that.

Full Story: Reason.


  1. The point is not that BM already uses the raw material of commerce, the point is that the relationships between people at BM are not mediated by money or commerce, and that the info space is not (as) filled with advertisements. What is of concern is the erosion of this non-commercial culture and environment.

  2. the zone feeds the grid, the grid feeds the zone.

    breathe in, breathe out.

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