iHallucinate: Dream machine app for iPhone

iHallucinate is a dream machine app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

(via Joseph Thiebes)

As previously seen here: here’s a web based version of the dream machine.

Reich comic artist Elijah Brubaker interview

reich panels

While you wait for the much delayed next episode of Technoccult TV, featuring Elijah Brubaker, you can read this Wizard interview with him:

I think a lot of the problems that Reich faced throughout his life are still very real threats to anyone with so-called “crazy” ideas and I hope examining those problems through the lens of the past will shed some light on the social ills of modern life.

My less grandiose and presumptuous answer is; Reich’s life combines some of my favorite topics and themes. Human sexuality, fringe science, Nazis, political oppression, there’s even some stuff about weather-control and aliens later on. A lot of that stuff is just plain fun to draw and riff on.

Full Story: Wizard

Sunday’s EsoZone Photo Feed

I’ll be updating this all day until it’s monday…and monday will surely bring a flood of digital content.? Meanwhile, if you’d like to get something thrown up here, get in touch.

Ben Mack and Diabolus Rex

Ben Mack and Rex Church…or: “Marketing and Satanism: Two Great Tastes That Belong Together.” I was especially interested in the presentations from these two fine gentlemen.? Rex was presenting the details of his Ragnarok Engine, which is apparently a “black radionics” device . Ben Mack was much more subdued: he’s just going to be summoning an elephant in the middle of the Lounge area and killing a woman named Liz Boswell in front of everyone there.

Speaking of marketing, has everyone seen these glowing endorsements from the media? Great stuff!

‘This is Burning Man for people who don’t like crowds – or light.’ – The Portland Tribune

‘A three-day summit in Portland that will mark an unprecedented concentration of self-importance and pseudo-intellectualism.’ – Willamette Week

Chris Titan using Ikipr\'s EEG MIDI Interface at EsoZone

Chris Titan testing out Ikipr’s f’ing awesome EEG MIDI Interface. Apparently this photo was taken in the tunnels under Disneyland, but Wes Unruh insisted this was actual EsoZone footage and I trust him. We’ve covered Ikipr’s strange device before: read it here. Technoccult readers would also be interested in a similar technology being used to pull off — no joke — telepathic DJ sets.

Badass Motherfucker

Best Site I Found in 2008: AfriGadget, the Low-Tech Goldmine

So far I’ve been blown away by pretty much every single bit of content on AfriGadget. It’s a guided tour of low-tech (and no-tech) solutions to basic life necessities in a total poverty environment.? It’s a serious education, from converting dumpsites into farms, to greywater recycling gardens, electronics projects like DIY stage lights and fundamental skills like handmaking tools when you’re 20,000 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart. There’s even coverage of digital media entrepreneurs in Bamako, Mali (which is home to some of the world’s greatest musicians, by the way). I was also keenly interested in the DIY car security system…using a mobile phone.

SMS Phone Based Car Alarm

It’s an amazing window into another way of life full of vibrant photography, but knowing how to build an evaporation-powered cooler is a skill that transcends the pretty pictures, right?? I know that Technoccult reaches a global audience of empowered future mutants, so if anyone in or near the Mother Continent wants to get involved, here’s how to get started.

Preview of EEG music interface Machine-Man-Drum and Phillip K Nixon will use at Esozone

Elements of the Machine-Man-Drum and Phillip K Nixon Egregiorian factions have merged to bring about an uncompromising auditory assault. These agent/operators will build and present “YOU ARE GOD, GUARD YOUR MIND” – an interactive ritual based on building a synthetic Godhead out of the participatory audience by firing off arrays of lightwave & audio sigils in a stream of auto-gnosis generation via remote interfacing with the biological specimens on hand during this ritual/projection of PKN hyperstition & MMD Temple constructs into 11th dimensional reality structures and programs. They’ll be combining cutting edge technomantic tools like EEG sensory, Radionic Tonality, MIDI utilizing Local Area Networks, and more traditional memes such as Cutups, Noise, and Circuit Bending — Be Aware: this archetypal form sampling will emit reality reshaping radiation fields.

Ikipr (of Machine-Man-Drum) writes:

EEG Driven audio assaults the Godhead/Participant, tempering and strengthening his fortitude and divinity. This is achieved through the feedback loop interaction of the user and the expansive multilayered software backbone. Sorry if I look uninteresting/uninterested in this video, I am busy making minor tweaks to it’s mixing for performance. Due to the somewhat random nature of the software algorithms and the use of EEG as a control interface, the song pretty much does what it wants off of your brainwave data.

Aleph 9

Philip K Nixon

Technoccult TV: Psychotronics with Bill Whitcomb

Bill Whitcomb – author of The Magician’s Reflection (soon to be re-released and expanded by Immanion Press), The Magician’s Companion, and the forthcoming Selections from the Dream Manual – gives us a lesson in the theory and practice of psychotronics.

Bill’s recommended reading:

Rays From the Capstone, Christopher Hills
Secrets of the Life Force, Christopher Hills
Supersensonics, Christopher Hills

Psionics 101, Charles W. Cosimano

Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines You Can Build, G. Harry Stine


Chuck Cosimano’s website


Rex Research

Borderland Research

Information Unlimited

Reflections on the Ether and some Notes on the Convergence between Homoeopathy and Radionics

Web based Gysin Dream Machine

Online, web based dreammachine

(via Bruce Eisner, who has some additional information about Brion Gysin and dreammachines)

Kirlian photos of Fell’s progress through Reiki

I’ve been studying Reiki under two local Reiki masters here, and it’s been good so far. I’ll write more about it once I’ve progressed farther. I’ve completed my Level I and some friends and I begin Level II in a couple weeks. I’ll be studying straight through the year until the Master class.

The teachers aren’t your traditional New Age fruits. They’re more like existential yogis, but the Reiki they practise is phenomenal. As an added bonus, they begin sessions with a Kirlian camera. Now, don’t read too much into these. But interesting to see the results as I progress through sessions with them and my own studies.

The image (click image for larger size) is mirrored, so the pinky finger is associated with your connection to one’s intuition, the ring finger with one’s emotional state, middle finger with one’s physical state, and index finger with one’s mental state.

The first row of finger tips is captured as they have you in your normal state, then they ask you to embody happiness, then frustration, and then to feel as if you’re the most comfortable state with yourself as possible. They capture these four sets onto one film and voilà!

The broken lines represent a lack of connection or awareness of that aspect of your being. Beyond language and labels, just being. And as the rings grow in brightness, I believe they come to represent one’s comfort with just being a part of existence — letting the whole of the life experience wash over oneself.

I went today, and as you can see from the bottom-right image, my way of living is beginning to more wholly encompass all facets of being. It was a good session and the past year’s been good.

Might be worth looking into for those unaware of Reiki. As Saul Williams says in his song "Raised to Be Lowered":

To find the balance between all you sense and all you see
To find the patience and the strength it takes to let it be
To stand amongst the crowd and have the strength to hold your own
To throw away the pen and pad and simply be the poem
To rise above hatred to love through seeming contradiction
To seldom take a side and learn to compliment the friction.

Secret origins of Scientology

Some of this stuff has been floating around the Internet over the past few days, but Cabinet of Wonders ties it all together:

The English-language term “Scientology” originated neither with Hubbard nor Nordenholz, but with philologist Allen Upward, who coined the term in 1907 to ridicule pseudoscientific theories.

Possibly more interestingly, is the history of the E-Meter . It was invented by chiropractor and sci-fi author Volney Mathison, based on his study of lie detectors. Mark Pilkington looked at this aspect in an article he wrote for the Guardian.

Full Story: Cabinet of Wonders.

Richard Phantastica has a blog

My friend Richard Phantastica has a blog, with posts about EsoTech, Grant Morrison, Gilles Deleuze, and William S. Burroughs. Check it out.

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