Free Energy Might Be Free

There’s a website that claims that all of those free energy devices out there just might work. The website is produced by the Vasant corporation. From the website, you get to learn all about the cool idea of Spintronics. There’s even an online powerpoint presentation.

The concept is explained here:

It is this sea of standing waves rather than quantum probability waves that best account for the wave like nature of matter. Particles move to quantized states because of electromagnetic forces that keep particle motions synchronized with this sea of standing waves.

This is an interaction among all matter that Ernst Mach alluded to as necessary to cause matter’s characteristic of inertia. Einstein called this Mach’s Principle. Einstein studied Mach’s ideas while developing his theory of General Relativity.

Using common sense and classical electrodynamics, Bugh explains how these particle spin interactions are possible even among compensating spins. Technology advancements are possible based on these particle spin interactions.

I have no idea if this is real or not. Sounds like a job for David Appell…Oh, and if you think this weird science is cool then definitely check out American, where you can learn how to build your own Lifter (looks like anti-grav) and read an interview with noted science fiction writer Ben Bova.


  1. Regarding, “There’s a website that claims that all of those free energy devices out there just might work.”, actually I only found a few that appeared to be for real.

  2. What did you think of the Vasant site? I couldn’t really being an English major and all…it sure would be nice if it were true. Then again, I was taken in by the Youngstown Entropy machine…

  3. Uh, I just figured out that this is the guy who did the research at the Vasant site. Should have asked him better questions…

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