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I’m Not Dead Yet!

I actually wanted to say a few things before being booted off, then again I guess I haven’t been booted off because I’m writing this stuff. Think of me as the houseguest who just doesn’t have the sense to leave…

Earlier, I mentioned other blogs that were in Technoccult’s karass. But I forgot the fifth Beatle: Warren Ellis’ “Die Puny Humans“. What’s really thrilling about reading Warren’s blog is that it answers quite vividly “Where do you crazy writers get your ideas from?” Today, for example, he’s praising Hunter Thompson, who I’ve always thought Spider Jerusalem was based on. I’ve also been reading every thrilling issue of Global Frequency and it’s clear that the phonecam photos and videos are not accidents. He’s also been putting in a lot of the weird science stuff. My favorite was a recent episode which featured this machine:

Also check out his online fiction novel. Some of the best online prose that I’ve ever read. Here’s a snippet:

I necked a dexidrene and watched the morning fester.

Jarrow wanted me to come into his office to talk the job over. Having to talk to Jarrow in person is almost the worst part, as he has possibly the most punchable face I’ve ever seen.

It was getting hot outside. I dug out an old pair of combat pants I picked up from one of the US Army clearance sales, years and years ago. White and black and grey, urban camouflage, baggy and lightweight – probably what the well-dressed soldier was wearing when shooting city-gooks a decade back. Black and silver streetsocks, with the rubberised soles. A sleeveless black t-shirt I got given last year by a nullpunkt band from Hamburg called Biss. The only shades I could find were some crappy plastic CamoCam things I got on the way out of Narita Airport, first time I was in Japan. They have little cameras in the back of the headstrap that pick up what’s behind you and stream it on the shades lenses, so it looks like you have two big round holes in your head. But it was these or a sunlight headache, and I was in shitty enough condition as it was.

Reports from the Big Three

No matter what you do out here on the net, there are people who sort of do the same weirdass thing that you thought was your singular solitary obsession. The interdimensional cousins of this blog would have to be New World Disorder, The Incunabula (otherwise known as the Hive) and probably a new blog called Gravity Lens.

The really cool memes over at both New World Disorder and the Hive have to do with the “real” reasons behind the blackout. New World says that it was possibly nuclear power plant sabotage. And in the comments section, someone points out that awful new worm that’s going around might not be an accident…Not to be outdone, the Hive tells us that this was the result of an odd electromagnetic effect. Could it be the rumored Tesla-inspired HAARP project in the hands of terrorists, or worse, The French, who believe their heat wave and resultant nuclear meltdowns are US weather control retaliation for not getting involved in our stupid wars for oil expropriation…? I think it’s obvious that that’s the truth. Just call me Phil Drudge, fair and unbalanced…

Meanwhile, over at Gravity Lens, aside from linking the blackout to Ayn Rand and numerology which is just plain silly compared to French SATs utilizing HAARP or coordinated terrorist hacking exploits (I mean, come on, let’s get a crazy theory and stick with it) we discover a great site called the Institute of Accelerating Change, which is the bastard son of another site called Singularity Watch.

Read and learn. Oh, if you’re interested in this world excuses for the blackout, check out Greg Pallast’s rip on the Bush Admininstration’s love of deregulation and this older Wired story about how we need to smarten up the ‘ol tired grid.

Free Energy Might Be Free

There’s a website that claims that all of those free energy devices out there just might work. The website is produced by the Vasant corporation. From the website, you get to learn all about the cool idea of Spintronics. There’s even an online powerpoint presentation.

The concept is explained here:

It is this sea of standing waves rather than quantum probability waves that best account for the wave like nature of matter. Particles move to quantized states because of electromagnetic forces that keep particle motions synchronized with this sea of standing waves.

This is an interaction among all matter that Ernst Mach alluded to as necessary to cause matter’s characteristic of inertia. Einstein called this Mach’s Principle. Einstein studied Mach’s ideas while developing his theory of General Relativity.

Using common sense and classical electrodynamics, Bugh explains how these particle spin interactions are possible even among compensating spins. Technology advancements are possible based on these particle spin interactions.

I have no idea if this is real or not. Sounds like a job for David Appell…Oh, and if you think this weird science is cool then definitely check out American, where you can learn how to build your own Lifter (looks like anti-grav) and read an interview with noted science fiction writer Ben Bova.

What is the Matrix?

Q: What is the matrix?

A: It’s a government program that’s meant to mimic the dreaded TIA on a statewide level. It’s the bureaucratic underpinning of the Orwellian state…

Neo: Gaaawd nooooo this can’t be real, this can’t be happening…

Morph: I just promised you the truth. I mean, I could have given you some crazy idea about human batteries and subsequently ruin the plot for you but I’m simply telling you about the desert of the real…ly nightmarish paranoid style of the Bush administration…and related: anti-war left already being tracked by government. The writer says this is fascism now, not latter stages or warning shots…

Hey Folks!

First, I’m honored that Klint has asked me to fill in for awhile. As some of you may know, I run two sites of my own, one is called Three River Tech Review, where I do sort of the same tech stuff that Klint does here. And I also run a site called Majic 12 where I write about comics and science-fiction. So, and I hope this sounds modest, I’m not a totally unreasonable choice to be guestblogging for a while.

I tend to be consumed by science fiction and science fact. The only thing that I’m not all that into is religion or the occult in any fashion. Even though my favorite writer right now, Alan Moore, is definitely into that hoodoo voodoo man. I can’t say his beliefs in the mystical take away from his art. But when in Rome…I’ll try to raid Jason Lubyk’s site for some of that crazy magic mojo.

Let’s hope we all learn something.

Philip Shropshire

PS: There might be some overlap! As you might imagine, I link to the same kinds of things that Klint does…

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