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No matter what you do out here on the net, there are people who sort of do the same weirdass thing that you thought was your singular solitary obsession. The interdimensional cousins of this blog would have to be New World Disorder, The Incunabula (otherwise known as the Hive) and probably a new blog called Gravity Lens.

The really cool memes over at both New World Disorder and the Hive have to do with the “real” reasons behind the blackout. New World says that it was possibly nuclear power plant sabotage. And in the comments section, someone points out that awful new worm that’s going around might not be an accident…Not to be outdone, the Hive tells us that this was the result of an odd electromagnetic effect. Could it be the rumored Tesla-inspired HAARP project in the hands of terrorists, or worse, The French, who believe their heat wave and resultant nuclear meltdowns are US weather control retaliation for not getting involved in our stupid wars for oil expropriation…? I think it’s obvious that that’s the truth. Just call me Phil Drudge, fair and unbalanced…

Meanwhile, over at Gravity Lens, aside from linking the blackout to Ayn Rand and numerology which is just plain silly compared to French SATs utilizing HAARP or coordinated terrorist hacking exploits (I mean, come on, let’s get a crazy theory and stick with it) we discover a great site called the Institute of Accelerating Change, which is the bastard son of another site called Singularity Watch.

Read and learn. Oh, if you’re interested in this world excuses for the blackout, check out Greg Pallast’s rip on the Bush Admininstration’s love of deregulation and this older Wired story about how we need to smarten up the ‘ol tired grid.


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