First, I’m honored that Klint has asked me to fill in for awhile. As some of you may know, I run two sites of my own, one is called Three River Tech Review, where I do sort of the same tech stuff that Klint does here. And I also run a site called Majic 12 where I write about comics and science-fiction. So, and I hope this sounds modest, I’m not a totally unreasonable choice to be guestblogging for a while.

I tend to be consumed by science fiction and science fact. The only thing that I’m not all that into is religion or the occult in any fashion. Even though my favorite writer right now, Alan Moore, is definitely into that hoodoo voodoo man. I can’t say his beliefs in the mystical take away from his art. But when in Rome…I’ll try to raid Jason Lubyk’s site for some of that crazy magic mojo.

Let’s hope we all learn something.

Philip Shropshire

PS: There might be some overlap! As you might imagine, I link to the same kinds of things that Klint does…