Moore Dominates Harveys

Speaking of Alan Moore, it looks like he took home a bunch of Harveys. He won for best writer of Promethea. I have mixed feelings about that because I don’t think much of the occult and a lot of those issues were thinly disguised explorations of his own mystic philosophy, something that he’s already explored in some of those performance art comics of his. Still, there were some wondrous moments. I’ve gone back to enjoying the series again now that Promethea has returned to Earth so to speak…The latest issue features a guest appearance by the Tom Strong crew, or an alt universe Tom Strong considering how they jump around realities so much.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen also won two awards: one for best single issue (the first issue of Volume II with that incredible Martian Warrior cover) and for best continuing series. Certainly, these are well deserved. I still can’t believe one guy can do this many quality comics. I’ve always thought Steve Gerber could hang with him–like Moore he knows a lot about the Dark Arts as well as physics–but he couldn’t produce such a quantity of ambitious stuff. I suppose Gerber gets his revenge with Howard the Duck, where he makes fun of both Moore and a thinly disguised Warren Ellis.

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