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While you wait for the much delayed next episode of Technoccult TV, featuring Elijah Brubaker, you can read this Wizard interview with him:

I think a lot of the problems that Reich faced throughout his life are still very real threats to anyone with so-called “crazy” ideas and I hope examining those problems through the lens of the past will shed some light on the social ills of modern life.

My less grandiose and presumptuous answer is; Reich’s life combines some of my favorite topics and themes. Human sexuality, fringe science, Nazis, political oppression, there’s even some stuff about weather-control and aliens later on. A lot of that stuff is just plain fun to draw and riff on.

Full Story: Wizard


  1. Confirmed as a worthy comic, thanks to Klintron for alerting me to it.

  2. Wow, I’ve been thinking about the man all week…wild synch. Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll be checking this out.

  3. Love it! Fascinating that Reich is making his way back into popular culture again, as he did with the beats and then again in trickles in the 1980s with RAW and (even) Kate Bush. I’m trying to put together an academic piece that looks precisely at his interest in what the strip mentions as “vitalist metaphysics”. Wonder what Reich’s return to the collective unconscious signals in our current social circumstances?

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