Smart Kids More Likely to be Heavy Drinkers

The Colony Club in Soho has been a watering hole for hard-drinking creative types since it was founded by Muriel Belcher in the late 1940s. It is a reasonable bet that her confidants – Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Jeffrey and Bruce Bernard, Michael Andrews, Eduardo Paolozzi and other regulars from the art and entertainment world – would have had high IQs. Some members may have been nightmare clients for their bank managers, exasperating husbands, wives or lovers, but no one would doubt their talents, originality and intellectual ability.

Research has now shown a link between high childhood IQ and an adult enthusiasm for alcohol that leads in some cases to problem drinking.

Parents may be aware that the easiest children to have around the house, and those who are also the most likely to have a predictable, comfortable lifestyle when adults, are those with a slightly aboveaverage intelligence, neither too clever, nor stupid.

Full Story: Times Online (Update: This story is now behind the Times’ pay wall)

(via Danielle Hatfield)


  1. Yeah, we call that the Louis Mackey Effect at the World-Around offices…the really intellectual types can apparently only power down the frontal lobes by collapsing consciousness altogether.

  2. Tell me about it. Being smart is HARD. It’s impossible to meditate. My mind’s always on >:|

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