Limbaugh: Democrats Started The Economic Crisis To Help Elect Obama

Today, the New York Times had an article about how right-wing talk radio is gearing up to aggressively go after President-elect Obama over the next four years. Rush Limbaugh demonstrated his commitment to this crusade today on his radio show by blaming Democrats — especially Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — for starting the current economic crisis.

Here’s how Limbaugh’s conspiracy theory goes: Schumer caused on run on IndyMac bank in California this summer, in order to create a feeling of financial panic amongst the public. Democrats then capitalized on this panic with electoral wins in the White House and Congress. The purpose of gaining this power, according to Limbaugh, was to nationalize U.S. industries:

LIMBAUGH: Who’s benefiting? Aside from the people being bailed out. The Democrat party and Barack Obama are benefiting.

Full Story: Think Progress

(via Ryan King)

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  1. Woah. All we need now is for some sensible MSM talking head to connect the dots and start calling Limbaugh a “conspiracy theorist”. That oughta put the fool in his place…it’s about time the Limbaugh hate machine was marginalized out of its radio share…

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