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Grant Morrison’s web site has been updated for the first time in years.

There’s also a new column he’s running there (you’re supposed to register to be able to see it, but direct links there seem to work fine):

The mental, magical immersion in the DC Universe of superheroes that’s consumed all my time these five years past is finally, and quite literally, drawing to its apocalyptic conclusion and I can’t concentrate on much else until the dust settles.


What else? It’s been hectic but I’m having a good time doing these ?Final’ storylines for Superman, Batman and the DC Universe itself. I want to end on a couple of big, definitive stories before I take a break from superheroes for a little while and I’m really happy with the way all of these are turning out.

Full Story:

I hope this means new creator-owned work in the next year or so.

(Thanks Brenden!)


  1. Awesome. I’ve been waiting years for some new, cool stuff. I can only reread the FILTH and INVISIBLES so many times.

  2. Just found this on the site under “comics work”:

    “2008 also marks an anticipated return to creating his own characters at DC’s adult-oriented Vertigo Imprint. Several new series are in the works with release commencing with the return of SEAGUY later in 2008 and two other series following in 2009. He has also been involved in the relaunch of Wildstorm Comics’, THE AUTHORITY and WILDC.A.T.S.”


    I am pleased. Looking forward to WARCOP too and anything else that is just him letting loose.

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