There’s a new psychedelic blog called “Psychedelic Research”. It’s author is Matthew Baggott who is a graduate student in neuroscience at UC Berkeley and a research associate at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute.

His reasons for starting the blog:

“This is a blog to track research and events relating to the scientific study of hallucinogens and consciousness. I hope that documenting my readings here will be interesting or even helpful to others. My writing goals with this blog are relatively modest: I primarily aim to provide abstracts from papers, linking to them whenever possible, with occasional brief comments about what interests me.

Most hallucinogen research still takes place with a pharmacology context. But increasingly, people are using research tools from other domains, such as neuroscience. As a result, I think our understanding of hallucinogens and human consciousness may both be improved. Although science has yet to fully realize this promise, there are many studies that contain gems of insight. Hopefully this blog can help reveal these gems.”

(Psychedelic Research. h/t: Drug Monkey)