Perhaps it’s a good thing that this is in the UK, otherwise I’d probably be glued to my set most of the time:

“Paranormal purveyors of scariness Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie will launch a new TV phenomenon on Monday 9th June 2008 – The Paranormal Channel. The Channel will first broadcast from 18:00 hours on 9th June and show a petrifying mix of original programming shot on location, exclusive re-runs of British science-fiction author, inventor and futurist Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World, through to sci-fi and horror movies.

The Paranormal Channel is the brainchild of Fielding and Beattie, with a high proportion of the original programming being made by their successful Manchester-based production company, Antix. Executive Producer and face of The Paranormal Channel Yvette Fielding says: “Karl and I have worked towards launching this channel for many years. Our Most Haunted devotees have told us in person and online, that they’ve always wanted a dedicated channel for all things paranormal. From ghosts, UFOs, aliens, mythical monsters to doppelgangers and poltergeists, The Paranormal Channel will cover every possible phenomenon.”

(via IT News)