Feast of Hate and Fear

Feast of Hate and Fear was a zine that ran from 1990 until 1998. Adel 156 Its (anonymous?) publisher now maintains a web site with new material, old material, and a wonderful library of texts.

Feast of Hate and Fear.


This one’s fun: Confessions of a Neo-Nazi.

(Thanks to Trevor and TiamatsVision!).


  1. Hmmm…wait a minute.. I thought I posted that link…… It’s all good if Trevor did too. It’s a fantastic site. By the way, it’s Adel 156’s site. He’s a Satanist, musician and writer. Peace.

  2. Oops, yeah you did. Trevor also e-mailed it to me. I didn’t check it out immediately when you posted and then forgot.

  3. That’s okay,… I forgot to mention that on top of being a musician, Satanist and writer, Adel 156 is also an artist. He’s got his work posted on the site somewhere. I still love you and Technoccult, Klint…you’re one of my favs as well… lol….

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