3 New Dossiers: Process Church of the Final Judgement, Amber Case, David Cronenberg

Three new dossiers are up:

The Process Church of The Final Judgement, the 60s cult.

Amber Case, the cyborg anthropologist.

David Cronenberg, the body horror film director.

Interview with Timothy Wyllie of The Process Church of The Final Judgement

Timothy Wyllie

WFMU recently interviewed Timothy Wyllie, who was a member of The Process Church of The Final Judgement and is the author of Love, Sex, Fear, Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment:

During the Process salon at the Anthology Film Archives right around when Love Sex Fear Death came out you mentioned that cults could be a good thing, that there were many benefits to you spending time in one. Could you describe examples of what a good cult experience would be?

The biggest benefit is that one gets to experience a kind of life that isn’t available under normal circumstances. This especially applies to reincarnates, who require an accelerated learning curve. Most western societies these days are both risk and pain averse. Cults allow those who need to go through their own pain and anger to do it in a safe situation. Cults can become a microcosm of society, so people in cults can experience a far wider array of possibilities like service, obedience, leadership, as well as what it’s like to live without personal possessions, money, and personal freedom. Celibacy for a period is also a necessary psychic/emotional antidote in an over-sexed society. Possibly the greatest gift a cult bestows is when one leaves it. One emerges back into life with the opportunity to follow one’s own drummer–free of parental etc influences, and understanding the dire consequences of ever giving away one’s power again.

If you were involved in the start of a new cult now in 2011 what would change compared to the Process? What would you focus on?

I wouldn’t. I feel cults have had their day. At this point in time and in a spiritual sense, it’s every person for themselves. Cults in the sixties and seventies were a kind of clean-up contingency. The were so many reincarnates who needed to work on themselves (and be worked on). The kids these days are different–they don’t really need cults the way we did.

And here’s him talking about drugs:

In this way one makes some unlikely allies. I found, for example, PCP/Angel Dust, contrary to its bad rap, to be the Queen of the concocted Entheogens and an invaluable ally to bust open my head. I like DMT–and have probably done it at least 100 times–but I find I can’t work with it. It just moves too fast. I suspect, for me anyway, Salvia is probably somewhat the same. Thing about entheogens is just because they get you there, doesn’t mean they keep you there. They are one way of opening the door, but the most important aspect of them is in the assimilation of the information into one’s life so as to transform it.

WMFU: My Chat with Timothy Wyllie About Angels, Cults, the Multiverse, & the Entheogenic Impulse

There’s so much good stuff in this interview. Please read the whole thing.

(Thanks Trevor)

More posts about The Process

Here’s another interview with Wyllie, from Dangerous Minds:

Love Sex Fear Death: Inside The Process Church of the Final Judgment with Timothy Wyllie from DANGEROUS MINDS on Vimeo.

Reenactment of the Process Church of the Final Judgment Processional

Sabbath Assembly reƫnactment: the Processional. Music by the Sabbath Assembly Band (Imaad Wasif, Jex Thoth, Kevin Rutmanis and David Christian).

500 page of Process Church of the Final Judgment internal documents

Someone has released a massive 500 page PDF of internal Process Church of the Final Judgment documents.

Free e-book on Lulu

Update: That link is dead but you can download it here.

See also: Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment

(via Grey Lodge)

Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment

The Process Church of the Final Judgment Paris chapter

Feral House’s new book on the Process Church of the Final Judgement, Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment by Timothy Wyllie is out, and Feral House has a site up with various excerpts and photos.

Process Church of the Final Judgement, Love Sex Fear Death: The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment

The book includes the recollections of various former Process members, and reproduces many rare Church documents. I can’t wait to own this.

For more on the Process Church, check out our dossier

Joe Matheny and Nick Pell: Fear and Loathing on the Internet

In this first episode of a three part series, Nick Pell of Black Sun Gazette and Grind House Land infamy turns the tables on Joseph Matheny and interviews him on his own show. They talk about 4p2, The Process Church of the Final Judegment, the John Titor Project is touched upon as well as the sad state of the LHP mileu today. Part 2 to follow in 2 weeks and part 3, 2 weeks later.

Download: Greypod

Thee Process continues…

process.org is back up and now hosts the blog of Loki der Quaeler, Doug Mesner and William Morrison.

Meanwhile, the The Neo Process Church Of Final Judgement: The New Way- 4P2 web site has been slightly updated.

Both sites use the same favicon, but I’m unable to ascertain whether they are run by the same people.

And I believe both of these groups are separate from this one.

More Process stuff here.

(via GPOD)

New Process Myspace, publications to go on sale again

Comment from previous Process Church of the Final Judgement coverage:

Publications will again be put on sale. If you would like to receive the sale announcement, please forward an email address to me at processean@yahoo.com.

If you are an former or current Processean and would like to be put in touch with others, please email me.

Process on Myspace.

Feast of Hate and Fear

Feast of Hate and Fear was a zine that ran from 1990 until 1998. Adel 156 Its (anonymous?) publisher now maintains a web site with new material, old material, and a wonderful library of texts.

Feast of Hate and Fear.


This one’s fun: Confessions of a Neo-Nazi.

(Thanks to Trevor and TiamatsVision!).

On the Process tip…


Joe Matheny points to this recently surface web site:

4P2 aka “The Neo Process Church of the Final Judgement: the New Way.”

Nothing there yet, as with so many of these sorts of sites.

(via GPOD).

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