Deepak Chopra on The Hour

George Stroumboulopoulos interviews Deepak Chopra on The Hour. I saw this live the other night; a good little talk.

Who would win in a fight: Deepak Chopra or Ken Wilber? Which colour of lightsabre would either use?


  1. Since Ken Wilber looks like Sam Jackson, I have to go with him!

  2. Wilber’s more muscular, but I guess lately he has trouble going to the bathroom by himself. But as far as a psychic battle? hmmm…. who sells more books? My bet’s Chopra.

    Both of them make me wanna say “ugh.”

  3. Deepak Chopra would win with his blue lightsabre, completely overcoming Ken Wilber with his green lightsabre.

  4. I’m feeling that. Though, after some thought, I’m gonna admit I see Chopra with a purple lightsabre. I’m still on the fence here, though. I feel like I want Chopra to eviscerate Wilber, but I can also see Wilber moving around like Darth Maul, like when he was trapped in those fielded corridors.

  5. Holy crap:

    And some funny comp’d images of Wilber here.

  6. “In the expanded universe, purple, being a mix of red and blue, shows the mastery of a lightsaber form known as Vaapad or form VII and the light side of the Force which allows Windu to use his fighting style and Force powers dangerously close to the Dark Side without being tainted.”

    see also: “We rationalised Sam Jackson’s request for a purple one.”

  7. Holy christ that is an extensive entry on lightsabre combat. I don’t recall a purple/indigo lightsabre in the movies (probably because I repress the memory of having seen the new ones), but I do recall there being purple and even yellow lightsabres in Knights of the Old Republic.

    With that pic of Wilber though, I am thinking he might just stomp Chopra’s face in. I doubt Deepak could pull any of that agile Yoda-like leaping crap.

  8. Chopra would destroy him. Wilber is not a patch on Chopra.

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