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IONS Opens Its Doors

“I just learned that the Institute of Noetic Sciences has opened its virtual library of consciousness studies to the public until December 24th.

Included in this promotion are video interviews from Deepak Chopra and other luminaries, as well as access to dozens of articles and audio broadcasts on subjects ranging from spirituality, the paranormal, the power of intention, meditation, sacred geometry, lucid dreaming, holistic education, bioenergetics…. and on and on.”

(via The Dream Studies Portal)

(Free access to IONS-Shift In Action)

Deepak Chopra on The Hour

George Stroumboulopoulos interviews Deepak Chopra on The Hour. I saw this live the other night; a good little talk.

Who would win in a fight: Deepak Chopra or Ken Wilber? Which colour of lightsabre would either use?

Deepak Chopra and Grant Morrison: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Super-heroes

IGN’s notes from the event.

CBR’s notes from the event.

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