Tree That Gives Meat Instead Of Fruit

This one’s old, but interesting. At first glance this story from Yahoo! news seems to be a legitimate but bizarre news story:

MANCHESTER, England — Here’s some good news that vegetarians can really sink their teeth into: Researchers have developed genetically engineered fruit trees that bear real meat!

Fruit from the new Meat Trees, developed by British scientists using gene-splicing technology, closely resembles ordinary grapefruit. But when you peel the large fruit open, inside is fresh beef.

But actually, it’s from Weekly World News. Thanks for the tip, Grant!


  1. I’ve envisioned beef grown in sterile vats from cell cultures but not from a plant.

    Next thing you know we really will be able to get blood from a stone.

  2. Well, we’ve got a long way to go. We still can’t even breed mutant chickens (

  3. Snopes was paid off by the Liberal Mutant Conspiracy. You’re not seeing the BIG PICTURE! (e.g. Conspiracy!)

  4. & here I’ve been laboring under the assumption that Snopes was a tool of the Birchers…

    but the real question here is would vat-grown beef be vegan?

  5. nah. it would propably stick to your gutworks like the real thing.

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